Skyrim Keeps Surprises Alive Despite Being 10 Years Old

Skyrim Keeps Surprises Alive Despite Being 10 Years Old

Skyrim Keeps Surprises Alive Despite Being 10 Years Old

Skyrim Keeps Surprises Alive Despite Being 10 Years Old


It’s clear that Bethesda would not continue to play one of their most beloved songs if there weren’t an audience for Skyrim. I’ve spoken before about how I’m the one who’s excited about Anniversary Edition because it allows me to experience brand-new content for the first ever time in forever. But even if Anniversary Edition had some better textures, loading times, and framerate, I’d still probably jump in.

Skyrim, despite how often it has been port and how many hours people still put into it, will continue to amaze and delight its users after 10 years. This could be through clever design, emergent gaming or just random glitches that create some funny moments. Skyrim is a game that’s never boring, even if you are just smithing in Riften.

For example, , a Redditor whose name is DarkSteveYT, discovered that there was a way to complete a quest. You have the option to kill one or more of the Dark Brotherhood’s captives. One of these prisoners is actually a career criminal. You can kill all three if your indiscriminate nature is on display. However, if your goal is to do as much good as possible with minimal effort, it’s possible to solve the problem in a creative way.

DarkSteveYT discovered players can use the Clairvoyance magic during this section. This spell, which is pretty useless otherwise will reveal which criminal was holding a bounty on their heads. You can then murder them with a cleaner conscience. It’s likely that most people will choose the Dark Brotherhood questline. However, it’s surprising to learn that there’s a way to finish the questline in the best way possible, even though the game doesn’t say otherwise.

The ability to make your own spiders with the albino pods and soul stones is another feature that has been available since Dawnguard, but not many people are aware of. It’s a feature that has been around for quite some time. However, because most players don’t bother to read all the forms and the details are presented in a record, many players have not noticed it.

Skyrim is not only a unique game because of its forgotten mechanics, but also the dumb decisions and mishaps that can occur when adventuring. In an earlier article , I documented the tragic tale of one would be hero. But the Jarl of Falkreath was intrigued by another moment of emergent gameplay that created hilarity.

It was hilarious to me.

Skyrim is still a decade old, but it still has new events, secrets and emergent interactions that make exploring this snowcapped world a joy. It’s just a cherry on top that the Anniversary Edition will include more player-created experiences, which will only increase the game’s level of discovery.

Skyrim Keeps Surprises Alive Despite Being 10 Years Old
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