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Kainga Inspiration guide: Food, Festivals, and More

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Kainga Inspiration guide: Food, Festivals, and More

The survival and growth in a village in Kainga is dependent on its Thinkers. Their ability to invent new technologies is key. Players will need to send the village thinker to places of inspiration to get them to work.

Here’s all you need to know about Inspiration and Thinkers in Kainga.


Shelter technology is the first inspiration type. This means that shelter technology does not need to be researched as much as the rest. The player can place their village hearth and their Thinker will instantly invent shelter. The village will have only one shelter throughout the entire mission, unlike the other inspiration types.

Shelters can be homes, lodgings or any other structure that creates new Braves through the consumption of food and employment of an inactive worker. It is important to look at the shelter’s resistance to extreme weather conditions like fire, rain, snow, and even flames.

The player can choose up to three options regardless of the type of inspiration the Thinker uses when inventing a new technology. Players can choose to reject any of the existing options or reroll them for a small amount of Karma.

Except for shelter types, in order to invent new technologies players must guide their Thinker to an inspirational point indicated by a glowing glow visible on the horizon. It will take the Thinker a few minutes to find the right technology.



It might seem that food would be the first source of inspiration, as it is vital for village growth. Over time, however, players will see how diverse food can be compared to shelter.

Food technology can be as simple as crop rows and rice paddies. It can also include bakeries and pear farm, which require their own resources. It is important to assess the area around the village to determine if there are any potential food shortages. To ensure that the population continues to grow, it may be a good idea to have at least two food sources.


Technology that allows for the production of basic or advanced materials necessary to construct a building is a result of resource inspiration. These are examples of such technology

As mentioned above, players can choose to make passive improvements if they don’t like the technology they receive. These improvements have village-wide benefits and affect many elements of the settlement.

Passives can give new abilities such as ropes to tame creatures or baskets to workers so they can move faster. You can be sure that players will not need all the technology that the Thinker creates. In fact, passive improvements might prove to be more beneficial for the village in both the short- and long-term.


Kainga Inspiration guide: Food, Festivals, and More
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