Battlefield 2042 was officially announced to the world. It is the next entry of the popular first-person shooter franchise. The return to modern or near-future combat has also been made possible by the new Specialists system.

These four roles aren’t changing. Classes from previous titles can be found in Portal. However, the Specialists of Battlefield 2042 signal a more character-focused approach. Each of them has their own history and a passive or active ability that defines their playstyle. The two abilities are predetermined, but the rest of the loadout can be modified.

Battlefield 2042 is a live-service video game. Each season will feature new Specialists. The Steam Page states that post-launch characters are available through the Year 1 pass. It’s not clear if players will also be able purchase characters using currency earned through playing matches.

Battlefield 2042’s Specialists have a suggested archetype for each class. They are available in all three modes. However, if you want to find classes the way you used to know them, you will need to use the Portal mode. These are the current ones that are available in-game.


Battlefield 2042 Specialists

Webster Mackay

Canadian-born Assault soldier described by as a “lone wolf survivalist” . His Grappling Hook attaches on surfaces and pulls him towards them, allowing him to navigate more easily. Nimble, his passive ability allows him to move faster while using ziplines and aiming down sights.


Maria Falck

Veteran Support to search for her son, David. With her S21 Syrette Pistol, she can fire a syringe which heals allies and causes damage to enemies within range. Her passive ability Combat Surgeon allows her to restore full health to allies.


Pyotr “Boris” Guskovsky

Russian-born Engineer who wants to transcend the chaos of the world and gain power and control. His SG-36 Sentry Gun engages enemies within a given area. The Sentry Operator passively spots enemies and locks it on, making it more efficient.


Wikus “Casper” Van Daele

Loner and Recon fighting for a better planet. His OV-P Recon Drone detects nearby moving targets and uses EMP blasts disorienting foes. He also tags targets for weapons that have lock-on capabilities. His passive, Movement Sensor, allows him to see the position of nearby enemies while he is on foot or controlling the drone.

Kimble “Irish” Graves

A former US Marine who is well-known to fans of the series as Battlefield4, he became a No-Pat engineer and excels in protecting his squad and fortifying locations. He uses a Fortification System that includes the DC-2 Deployable Protect that protects against bullets and explosives as well as the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel, which eliminates any explosive projectiles. The Veteran passive provides additional armor.



Navin Rao

Recon with technical skills who has served in the Indian Armed Forces. Navin Rao’s Cyber Warfare Suite ability disables Rangers and scrambles enemy vehicle system, and triggers enemy defenses at a distance. After defeating an hacked enemy, his Trojan Network ability allows Navin Rao to reveal their enemies.


Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza

Dozer was born in Mexico and his turbulent life led him to join No-Pat forces, becoming an Assault Specialist. Dozer is armed with an SOB-8 ballistic shield, which he can use to batter enemies, protect them from enemy fire and get closer to them. He is also more resistant than his peers to explosive damage.


Emma “Sundance” Rosier

Sundance, a French national, has lived both the life of an inmate and that of a soldier. Sundance is an Assault Specialist and has access to smart explosives that can be recharged, including scatter, anti-tank, as well as EMP grenades which are capable of easily destroying targets. Her Wingsuit, which replaces her parachutist parachute, is also a great mobility tool.


Constantin “Angel”, Anghel

Romanian-born Angel was a Navy officer before he became a support specialist for No-Pat forces. His Loadout Crate ability allows him to provide his squad with ammo and armor, as well as summon a beacon which allows him to swap loadouts. His Trauma Specialist ability allows he to revive his allies with their bonus armor full, allowing them to get back in the action quickly.


Ji-Soo Paik

Ji-Soo Paik, a Recon, specializes in covert intrusion. Her EMG-X scanner ability makes enemies visible even when covered, which sounds a bit like a wallhack. Acquisition is her other ability that allows her to identify enemies who are causing her harm.


Battlefield 1942 Portal Classes – BF2042


While Battlefield 1942’s classes are different for each of the three factions (US/UK/German), they all share some traits. This boils down to five possible picks.


Battlefield 1942 Assault

Wields assault rifles don’t come equipped with gadgets but the Heightened Senses perk shows nearby enemy soldiers on a minimap for the whole squad.


Battlefield 1942 Medic

Wields SMGs come equipped with the Medkit Gadget that heals soldiers nearby, and its Surplus perk permits up to three medkits each to be deployed at once.


Battlefield 1942 Engineer

Wield semi-auto and bolt-action rifles. It comes with a wrench that repairs allies and neutral vehicles, but damages enemy ones. The Minesweeper perk allows it spot nearby enemy gadgets.


Anti-Tank Battlefield 1942

Although it can fire a rocket launcher from its handle, it does not have any gadgets. However, the Resourceful perk allows it passively to resupply launcher ammunition over time.


Battlefield 1942 Scout

It is equipped with sniper rifles and its Binoculars that allow it to spot enemy targets, redoing them. Counter Recon is a perk that identifies enemies who have damaged Scouts on your minimap.

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