Rainbow Six Siege Notes: All Operation High Calibre (Y6S4 - Changes)

Rainbow Six Siege Notes: All Operation High Calibre (Y6S4 – Changes)

Rainbow Six Siege Notes: All Operation High Calibre (Y6S4 - Changes)

Rainbow Six Siege Notes: All Operation High Calibre (Y6S4 – Changes)

Rainbow Six Siege is about to unleash Y6S4, also known as Operation Hi Calibre. As with all new seasons, there’s plenty more content coming to the game. From Thorn, the new operator, to Outback’s map redesign. Ubisoft Montreal added many new features to keep fans excited as they prepare to finish Year 6.

There are many changes, so make sure to check out the latest patch notes. The major changes for this season are listed below. However, it is worth visiting the site regularly. It’s possible that the game will release a minor hotfix with huge consequences for the meta. We have all the details you need.

Designer’s Notes Y6S4

We recommend players to take a look through the most recent notes from the dev team before we move on to patch notes. The Y6S4 Designer’s Notes, which were just released, go into much more detail than the patch notes. One of the major changes in Y6S4 includes a modification to the Angled Grip attachment for weapons. Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

While the patch notes can give you the information, it will not tell you why. The Designer’s Notes are here to help.

The Angled Grip reveals not only who the change targets (Top Ranked players and professionals), but also the depth of the change. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect:

Before we go into the details, we need to say that this is not going to be a very popular change. The angled grip is a favorite of many, but it is not a popular change. It has become an integral attachment in almost every case. This will change the way the game plays. We are confident that it will. Please use the Test Server to give it a go and then let us know your thoughts. It’s a significant change in theory – we are aware of that fact – but it is important to us to see how it works in practice. We can and will continue to improve this process, so we are always open to your ideas.

Are you interested in more information from the Rainbow Six Siege Developers Notes Follow the link.


Rainbow Six Y6S4 patch notes – Operation High Calibre

Let’s now get to the important details. Let’s take a look at the patch notes that reflect the strong Data-v-0de7b93c Y6S4 testing server. However, it is possible for the dev team to make some changes before launching on live servers. Keep checking back for any updates.

Test Server Patch Notes


Rainbow Six Siege used two colors for teams since its release: orange and blue. Now, the default team colors are now blue and red with opponents remaining red. This is mainly due to round feedback and the UI. This change aims to improve the onboarding process for newcomers and bring consistency to UI. You can change the team colors between orange, red or blue by going to the Accessibility section in the Options menu. This change is reflected in the new team names: Your Team and Opponents, instead of Blue Team or Orange Team.



  • The HUD now has a drone counter that Defenders can use to keep track of how many regular drones they have destroyed. You can disable this feature in the HUD section under the Options menu.


  • The visuals of the HUD have been updated in line with the game’s art direction.
  • Compass now shows pings and other marker locations as well as feedback on height differences.
  • Loadout (weapons gadgets and unique abilities) was regrouped to ensure a consistent display.
  • To save space, icons have been replaced by text action reminders (ex. Press [SPACE] on Vault).


  • The Options menu now offers a Privacy section that allows players to modify settings regarding in-game privacy.

Operator Balancing

Echo & Mozzie

  • Drones spend more time outside buildings than before (3s).


  • You can now activate Adrenal Suge in DBNO.
  • Adrenal Surge removed Recoil Boost.
  • Cooldown increased to 20s (from 10s).
Rainbow Six Siege Notes: All Operation High Calibre (Y6S4 – Changes)
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