Halo Infinite: The Full List of Weapons and How to Practice

Halo Infinite: The Full List of Weapons and How to Practice

Halo Infinite: The Full List of Weapons and How to Practice

Halo Infinite: The Full List of Weapons and How to Practice

Without weapons to deal serious damage, what good is a first-person shooter? The Halo series’ weapons have been a highlight of the franchise for many years. Halo Infinitelooks to continue that tradition with a healthy mixture of legendary, classic weapons and some newcomers.

This is everything you need about Halo Infinite’s Weapons.

What are the Weapons in Halo Infinite’s Collection?

At the moment, there are 22 equippable weapons for Halo Infinite. There are also four types of grenades. This makes 26 weapons available to you while playing multiplayer games. You can find some, such as standard rifles, scattered all over the map. Others are power weapons that spawn periodically and are used by both sides.

What Weapons are in Halo Infinite

Below is a list of the 22 weapons in Halo Infinite. We also give a brief description.

– MA40 Assault rifle (Halo’s standard, short- to mid-range assault rifle).
– Pulse Carbine A short- to mid-range burst firing weapon with plasma projectiles that track target targets.
– HTML75 (Halo’s three-round burst Battle Rifle is a mid-range powerhouse, and Halo’s original three-round Burst Battle Rifle is BR75 )
– Commandero (a precision rifle that fires fully auto at medium to long distances and is effective at long ranges)
– Rifle (semiauto long-range rifle, shots cause electric shocks on nearby enemies).
– Sidekick (standard issue pistol; “switching your sidearm is quicker than reloading”)
– Mangler Upgraded Mauler, an alien revolver which shreds in the short- to mid-range
– Plasma Shotgun (semiauto, can be charged to remove enemy shields but does not trigger EMP effects on vehicles).
– Disruptor (short- to medium-range pistols that deal damage over time, can EMP vehicles with the Shock Rifle),
– Bulldog (shotgun. Stick in the enemy’s face. Pull the trigger. They won’t have any face).
– Heatwave A hardlight weapon that fires according to a specific pattern. Alt-firing can change the pattern.
– Sentinel Beam (continuous firing beam that is great at destroying shields
– Needler (fear pink mist, fires pink stones that can trigger detonations of infantry targets)
– Stalker Rifle (a precision weapon that uses plasma, has a medium to long range and does decent damage).
– S7 sniper (long-rage with two zoom settings will kill most targets in one shot)
– Skewer (a Banished Sniper and Vampire Hunter’s Dream, lights a stake that can instigate, but slow to fire/reload).
– Cindershot (hardlight projectile launcher with huge damage and the ability to control it while zoomed in).
– Ravager (creates plasma “globs”, but can also be charged to unleash an attack area).
– Hydra (a guided-missile launcher that focuses on targets after lock-on).
– SPNKr (twin tube rocket launcher, you’re familiar with the drill)
– Energy Sword: Shiny scalpel that kills all enemies in one hit
– Gravity Hammer (large hammer that is slow to swing, but can do massive area damage and kill multiple enemies in one swing).


Here are the grenades you can use in Halo Infinite

– M9 Frg Grenade (standard Frag Grenade Ordinance, does high explosive damage).
– Plasma Grenade (alien-grenade that sticks to enemies and causes a one-hit-kill)
– Spike Grenade (similar in function to Plasma but sticks to floors and walls, so it can also have other utilities).
– Dynamo Grenade (new in Halo Infinite. It deals shock damage to everything within its vicinity and can disable vehicles.

What can I do to practice using these weapons?

These weapons are only available when you explore the game’s map. With other players using the same weapons, it is possible to not be able to masterfully use these tools of destruction.

Halo Infinite offers a Weapon Drills mode, which doesn’t include Energy Sword Hammer, grenades or grenades unfortunately, as well as a Training Mode, which allows you to control the weapons that you use against bots. Both are great ways to get used to the game’s weapons and to practice before you dive online.

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Halo Infinite: The Full List of Weapons and How to Practice
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