It's Clashmas! Clash Royale's new Season is Here

It’s Clashmas! Clash Royale’s new Season is Here

It's Clashmas! Clash Royale's new Season is Here

It’s Clashmas! Clash Royale’s new Season is Here

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Clash Royale Season turnarounds can be some of the fastest in gaming. There’s a new one each month. This Season is also holiday-themed, as December is upon us.

You can get mitten-wearing friends a lot of new rewards this Season, such as new Tower skins or a Legendary Book of Cards. Continue reading to learn more about Clash Royale’s Clashmas 2021.

What are the Clash Royale Clashmas Rewards?

Clashmas Rewards: Free

These are the free rewards available to all Arenas 7 and higher, regardless of whether or not you have the Pass Royale. This is the Season of goodwill. You can even get a Legendary Book of Cards or Legendary Wild Card for free this Clashmas!

  • 1 x Legendary Book of Card Cards
  • 1 x Royal Wild Chest
  • 10 x Epic Wild Cards
  • 20 x Rare Wild Card
  • 50 x Common Wild Card
  • 2 x Chest keys
  • 33 x Crown Chests
  • 1 x Legendary Wild card

Rewards for Pass Royale Clashmas

You can unlock Tower Skins inspired by the Archer Queen this Season. Also, an Archer Queen Emote is part of the Pass Royale. All the other rewards are included:

  • 1 x Book of Books
  • Upgrade to 1 x Magic Coin Card
  • 2 x Chest keys
  • 1 x Legendary Wild card
  • Epic Wild Cards
  • Rare Wild Cards
  • Common Wild Cards
  • 40,000 gold
  • 4 x Trade Tokens
  • Bank Gold Bonuses up to 25,000

Arenas 7 and higher players can earn all the Pass Royale and Free rewards mentioned above. Arenas 4 and above offer even more tips. Check in-game for more information!

You can also purchase a charming, snow-topped Tower skin in the in-game store this Season. This is a must-have for a Clash Royale experience that feels cosy and festive throughout the holiday season. Check out this complete list of all the other Clashmas features with Royale…

It’s Clashmas! Clash Royale’s new Season is Here
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