Tips and tricks for AFK Arena Hunting Fields
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Tips and tricks for AFK Arena Hunting Fields


Tips and tricks for AFK Arena Hunting Fields


This December, you can join your friends and start your journey on the AFK arenaHunting Fields. You will need to work in groups of 5 to cross the AFK Arena Hunting Fields and defeat Oleus.

Hunting Fields is a temporary event found in the Dark Forest. Some players may think it is similar to Abyssal Expedition. The Hunting Fields can only be unlocked after you have completed Campaign 19-40. You can conquer the fields, earn noble titles, and get various rewards. You can either go solo or join a group of four friends to move through them. You can also join a team to watch, where you don’t have to do anything but earn 80% of all the rewards. Each team can have as many as 10 spectators.

Many mini-bosses can be fought throughout the AFK arenaHunting Fields. These will give the player loot, hero rinses and hunters marks.

Guide to AFK Arena Hunting Fields

Here are some tips and tricks to help you make it through this event.

  • You can team up with friends and Guild members rather than strangers. It’s less likely that you will be abandoned.
  • Once the event begins, you should focus on acquiring all camps within the shortest time possible.
  • You could end up losing your Speed with x2 Speed or x4Speed.
  • After unlocking the second zone, don’t attack mini-bosses there. Instead, it would be best to focus your efforts on the mini-bosses located in the first zone.
  • After you have all the materials, combine them to save Hunter Marks.
  • All your relics can be transferred to the shared bag immediately. It’s not necessary to have all the dinosaurs that you own. Everyone should share.

Attacking the Bosses

Be patient, but don’t rush to beat your bosses.

  • Alna: Do not chase them until your primary carries have 3-0 Relics
  • Khazard: When the main has 4-0 Relics.
  • Plus: When the main has 4-2 Relics.
Tips and tricks for AFK Arena Hunting Fields
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