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ICYMI: The Game Awards: What Did You Do?

ICYMI: The Game Awards: What Did You Do?

ICYMI: The Game Awards: What Did You Do?

The Game Awards has been an annual event for the past seven years. It is a Spike TV-derived end of the year gaming shows that Geoff Keighley hosts. It was once a ridiculous attempt to create a gaming awards show. However, there has been some progress, although it is still primarily a commercial for video games and movies, with some awards being presented.

Keighley likes saying that The Game Awards celebrates the gaming industry. He made a speech at the start of the show to this effect. Keighley did not name any of the significant headlining abusers of the gaming industry in the past calendar year — Activision, Ubisoft etc. He mentioned that developers should be supported and that gaming must rid itself of its worst elements. The rest of the show did not pay much attention to this opening salvo as they were primarily focusing on game announcements.

The announcements have always felt somewhat secondary to the awards. This time, they felt more in the background than usual. It is possible to reduce the time taken from three hours and a quarter to three hours. However, several times the nominees were not even read aloud. The nominees were just on the screen with a single name being announced, then they moved on quickly. It was almost like watching an award show on TikTok, or the TV screens in gas station pumps.

These commercials are still relevant, however, and the awards are still highly regarded. We’ve collected them all here for those who don’t have three hours to view it.


Announcements for the Game Awards

  • Google Play will bring Android games to your PC. This means you don’t need to use your phone to play Android games if you don’t want to.
  • Metal — Hellsinger — Gods of Metal – A rhythm shooter with vibes of Hexen, and Amplitude
  • We finally have the Tunic that Zelda-like, fox-driven on March 16
  • Persona4 Arena Ultimax was originally released on PS3 & 360. will be available on Switch and PC on March 17.
  • Annapurna unveils Thirsty Stakes, a brand new game by Falcon Age’s designer that seems to be about love, family and being brown. I’m in.
  • Homeworld 3 is due to be released at the tail end of next year.
  • GTFO has finally been released for early access!
  • Steelrising is an alternate history game about France’s Revolution BUT WITH ROBOTS got a new trailer.
  • The Wind Waker II is available. Wait, This? It will be released in spring 2022.
  • Babylon’s Fall is still available! It can be played on March 3 but you will need an internet connection.
  • Original announcement in 2019, Hellblade. Senua’s Saga has an extended gameplay trailer, and I’m not sure what’s going on.
  • Player unknown’s Battlegrounds is now available for free on consoles and PCs.
  • Iron Galaxy and Epic Games have introduced Rumbleverse – a melee-and-grille-heavy version of the battle royale genre.
  • There is a woman in the Destiny 2 The Witch Queen trailer. This is live-action, and maybe Destiny 2 should host an FMV gaming event.
  • Warhammer Space Marine II is revealed, ten years after the original game.
  • A cinematic trailer was released for Dying Light2, which is basically every dramatic trailer for a zombie game in the world since Dead Island destroyed dramatic zombie trailers.
  • After literally years of rumors Final Fantasy VII Intergrade will be available on PC through the Epic Games Store on December 16.
  • Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak had a trailer that showed off the expansion’s new hub and a new monster.
  • CrossfireX, and its Remedy-developed single-player campaign, will be available on Xbox starting February 10.
  • Nightingale is a new fantasy-victorian video game developed by ex-BioWare veterans.
  • Among us will soon get a VR release on PSVR and Quest 2.
  • Silent Hill creator Keichiro Toyama unveils Slitterhead which depicts normal Japanese people turning into horrifying monsters.
  • A gameplay demo was shown for Rockstar’s Suicide Squad where the antiheroes spoke trash to The Flash.
  • Dune title called Spice Wars will be available on PC in 2022. It is a 4X RTS title.
  • The developers of the Games for Impact winner Life is Strange: True Colors have left behind Telltale and Deck-Nine. is creating an Expanse video game as a prequel.
  • Telltale also announced a Star Trek video game that will be available on PCs and consoles by 2022.
  • Finally, Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course DLC has a new trailer and a release date. The DLC will be available in six months starting June 30,
  • the Sonic the Hedgehog sequel tells the story of Sonic & Knuckles.
  • Also! Officially revealed Sonic Frontiers. This trailer shows Sonic exploring an open world. It will be available on holiday (!!!) 2022.
  • Forspoken Square Enix’s Witch Parkour Game, will be officially released for PC and PS5 on May 24.
  • Monolith is best known for its Mordor gaming and nemesis system. shows a teaser of a Wonder Woman game.
  • Alan Wake2 is here! This seems to be part of Remedy Publishing’s relationship with Epic Games. It will be available for purchase in 2023.
  • Star Wars Eclipse is Star Wars‘s first game. It’s also being developed by the Quantic Dream. This kind of contradicts Geoff’s comment about protecting game developers against harassment and abuse.
  • X.
ICYMI: The Game Awards: What Did You Do?
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