FFXIV 6.01 Patch notes Detail Pandaemonium Raid, and New Raid Gear

FFXIV 6.01 Patch notes Detail Pandaemonium Raid, and New Raid Gear

FFXIV 6.01 Patch notes Detail Pandaemonium Raid, and New Raid Gear

FFXIV 6.01 Patch notes Detail Pandaemonium Raid and New Raid Gear

The first post-launch addition of Final Fantasy XIV is Endwalker. The maintenance period is over earlier than we expected. Servers were to be back up and running by 2:00 AM PST on December 21. Now that servers are back online, Patch 6.01 has been released. It includes the new raid as well as several balance changes. You can also catch up with all the latest updates by reading our summary.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect Patch 6.01 being live. You can read the original story here.

Pandaemonium Raid Details

This patch would add the first wing to the eight-person Pandaemonium Raid, Asphodel. We’ve only seen a small portion, which has a haunted, twisted theme park vibe. But who knows what else we might find?

To unlock the raid series, players need to start the questline with “The Crystal from Beyond,” which can be picked up from an NPC called Nemjiji Old Sharlayan (X.9.6 Y.11.9). After completing the quest “Where Familiars Dare,” you can then jump into Pandaemonium. To access raid quests, you must be at least level 90.

After unlocking Asphodelos, you will need an average level of 565 to enter. This might prove a problem if you haven’t participated in Expert dungeons or Daily Roulettes. Our Tomestones guide will help you get raid-ready.

This raid wing has four duties, each known as Circles. These duties will be listed in the Duty Finder as follows:

  • Asphodel, The First Circle
  • Asphodel, The Second Circle
  • The Third Circle: Asphodelos
  • Asphodel, The Fourth Circle

Pandaemonium Raid Reward

The Warrior of Light will likely be entering this raid to save the planet, but you are probably there for the sweet loot. These patch notes give a peek at the new raid sets, and show you how to get them.

Pandaemonium bosses will give treasure coffers instead of gear. Players will also earn one token each week from each Circle; once you have gotten a token, the reset will remove any remaining tokens from that Circle. You should plan your rolls to get the gear you want and not just roll on every token that falls. Every Tuesday, the lock-out is reset at midnight PST.

To trade for raid gear, you will need multiple tokens. The numbers are consistent with previous raids. The tokens can be taken to Mylene Labyrinthos, X:8.3Y:27.6) and Djole Radz (at–Han, X:10.3Y:9.6). These are the required tokens for each piece.

  • Head – Unsunghelm of Asphodelos HTML2
  • Body – Unsung Aror of Asphodelos
  • Hands – Unsung Gantlets of Asphodelosx2
  • Legs – Unsung Chausses Of Asphodelosx4
  • Foot – Unsung Greaves Of Asphodelos HTML2
  • Accessory – Unsung Ring of Asphodelosx1

You’ll get an Unsung Blade of Asphodelos as a weapon once per week after completing Asphodelos the Fourth Circle. This can be traded to MyleneDjole, or Discal Tomes. After introducing the new Tomestones via Duty rewards, Allagan Tomestones in Astronomy, you will be able to exchange Discal Tomestones with weapons. These will be available two weeks after Patch 6.05 is released and the Savage version Of Asphodel.

The Male Viera Voice 4 & Broil VI sound different now.

You’ll find two random audio modifications in the patch notes’ “System” section. The first change is to the fourth Viera male voice. Some players have noticed that it is too enthusiastic and loud. The Scholar’s Broil IV skill has undergone a second chance. One player on the official forums called it “a broken Lalafell’s battle cry.” The Lalafell will cease to scream.

Dungeons Experience Increased

This might be an excellent way to level up your other jobs if you have already completed the main scenario in Endwalker. Square Enix has increased your experience from level 81-89 of dungeons and the Guildship Hunts. This should allow you to complete the last ten levels of your next job.

Low-Poly Grapes are Gone

The very low-poly grapes found in the Labyrinthos vineyards were one of the most popular memes from the launch of Endwalker. These grapes were clearly from the PlayStation 2 era, as you couldn’t focus on them. The japes of the community sadden Square Enix.

The patch notes state that the issue was wherein the grape polygon count in Labyrinthos was reduced in excess to reduce system memory usage in this area.

RIP to the best FFXIV.

“In From The Cold” Has been Adjusted

“In From The Cold” is the famous quest that comes from the Garlemald side. This duty puts the player in an instanced city with very few actions and no indication of where to go. This is such a confusing quest that it created a guide.

Square Enix has enhanced the buff players’ effect during quests, making it easier to locate the quest objectives. These adjustments are only applicable if you select the Very Easy or Easy difficulty after failing the duty. To make sure this doesn’t happen, check out our guide.

If you need help getting prepared for the Pandaemonium raids, be sure to check out our Tombstone of Aphorism and endgame gear guide. And if you want to get different Jobs to level 90 and raid-ready, you can use our fast leveling guide for alternate Jobs. Pandaemonium isn’t the only endgame content available in Endwalker. Make sure you’ve unlocked and played through the optional level 90 dungeons Smileton and The Stigma Dreamscape.


FFXIV 6.01 Patch notes Detail Pandaemonium Raid, and New Raid Gear
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