'Horizon Forbidden West": Aloy's "Going to Have To Prove Sheself All Over Again."

‘Horizon Forbidden West”: Aloy’s “Going to Have To Prove Sheself All Over Again.”

'Horizon Forbidden West": Aloy's "Going to Have To Prove Sheself All Over Again."

‘Horizon Forbidden West”: Aloy’s “Going to Have To Prove Sheself All Over Again.”

This article contains spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn 2017.


Although Horizon Zero Dawn has been delayed for five years, the sequel is only one month away. We still don’t know much about what Aloy will do in Horizon Forbidden West.

Guerrilla Games, a developer, spoke with us about their plans for players. We found that they go back much further than Zero Dawn was released in 2017. The seeds of Horizon Forbidden West date back to when the team was still working on Zero Dawn. Ben McCaw, Horizon‘s narrative Director, tells me that we never considered standalone the first game. “Most of the ideas for Forbidden west were actually created during the development Zero Dawn.”

Watch Horizon Forbidden West gameplay below…

Annie Kitain, the senior writer, points out that the series’ direction was not secret. You can find the Forbidden West region name in Zero Dawn are data logs. They tell the story about the Carja tribe’s push into the West to claim these lands. They met with fierce resistance from the Tenakth tribe. They were able to drive the Carja from the West. The Carja then closed their borders and declared the West illegal.

There has been very little news about the West since that failed attempt to reach the West. Aloy will take you into uncharted territory after your search for the cause of the blight ravaging the planet. You will meet the Tenakth to find out their history in the years since the war.

McCaw explains that the lack of news can be both good and bad. Zero DawnAloy was once an outcast in the Nora tribe and “became the most important person on the planet” to the peoples of the Eastern lands, Northern territories. However, she is unknown in the West. McCaw states, “The Forbidden Wild West is controlled and governed by different tribes with various motivations. She’ll have to prove herself again.”

Kitain says that although we will be visiting new lands and people, this is still the continuation of the original game, not a new one. Aloy learned that Elisabet Sobeck was her genetic mother in Zero Dawn. She now has this knowledge, and it’s placed this pressure on her to follow Elisabet. She’s felt the pressure to end the blight and carry the burden of the disease for six months. She carries that burden with her to the Forbidden Wild.”


She won’t be alone. Varl and Erend will be with you throughout your journey. In their first game, the trend was the character Aloty won over to her cause. Kitain states that they show how far you have come in your journey thus far. “Varl, in particular, is someone who, at Zero Dawn, sees Aloy, the religious figure of Nora tribe, as the anointed. Aloy is important to him, and he cares more about her as a person than any other tribe member. He cares about Aloy and the burden she carries. Trend and Varl are there to help her keep the connection to who she was as an individual in Zero Dawn.


McCaw states that travelling with companions will be a challenge for Aloy. Aloy, who grew up in a social outcast family, isn’t a person who has learned all the tricks and tricks of the social media world. This was something she learned in the first game. She continues that education into the Forbidden Wild, but only under extremely stressful circumstances. She must deal with old friends and new companions, as well as new threats and tribes. We put her under great pressure.

You met many different tribes in Zero Dawn. Each tribe has its politics, customs and leadership. For example, the Carja were located in warmer regions and built large cities as a tribute to their monarch, Sun-King Avad. However, Nora was located in the cold mountains. They stayed close to their villages and did not venture into new regions.

Guerrilla has a new approach to Forbidden East. Instead of meeting many tribes, you will most likely interact with one tribe: The Tenth. Kitain says that it is not as simple as that: “The Tenakth are three distinct clans and each have their own conflicts.”

You’ll also discover the causes of the tribe’s fracture and how clans have evolved while adhering to the principles of the tribe that they are apart. McCaw states that the process begins with the art. Guerrilla is blessed with a top-notch art team. They’ve created a post-post-apocalyptic setting 1,000 years in the future, to the point where it’s almost a fantasy setting. Then they look at the potential physical culture this world could create. Our world revolves around machines, for example. This is why so many machine parts are found in the decor, armour, armour, and weapons of all the tribes.

They do the same thing when it comes to geography. They look at the ecotopes the player will encounter and imagine how a tribe would adapt. You can see it in their decor, environmental storytelling, and equipment. It was built from scratch.

With that in mind, the Tenakth tribe is one of the fascinating aspects of Forbidden west. The tribe is divided into three distinct clans. Each clan lives in a different ecotope. You can see how each clan evolved based on its environment.

Regalla, a rebel faction of the Tenakth, is the main problem. This will be your challenge throughout Forbidden World. She now can hack the machines that stalk the Forbidden Land with the assistance of Sylens, her friend and sometimes foe of Zero Dawn. She’s quickly gaining ground against the Tenakth factions with the help of her machine army.

You’ll need to find out why Sylens supports Regalla in her quest to end the blight. I asked, but Guerrilla wouldn’t give it to me.

Kitain states, “He’s our man of mystery.” “He was helping Aloy Zero Dawn, and now in the Forbidden Wild, he has his agenda, his plans. Aloy must discover this and work out how to fix it.

Although it may seem like an aggressive move to help Regalla, McCaw insists that it does not depart from Sylens’ character. He has always had, in a certain way, a consistent motivation. It is the same motivation he had in Zero Dawn. It has been carried through Forbidden East. It is one of the most secretive parts of the franchise. It is also tied to Aloy’s search for the cause of the blight. Styles will not make a strange heel turn. Styles has a consistent motivation between the games; something players will have to understand.”

‘Horizon Forbidden West”: Aloy’s “Going to Have To Prove Sheself All Over Again.”
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