'Total War, Warhammer 3: Five Reasons Why You Will Want It In Your Life
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‘Total War, Warhammer 3: Five Reasons Why You Will Want It In Your Life

'Total War, Warhammer 3: Five Reasons Why You Will Want It In Your Life

‘Total War, Warhammer 3: Five Reasons Why You Will Want It In Your Life

It’s hard to believe that it has been six years since Total War: Warhammer’s first game was released. The perfect combination of the PC grand strategies series and the tabletop minis is the best. They bring life to the models and let you fantasize about having a large army of units that you can’t afford.

I was already excited about a new entry in this series. It brought eight new factions and a whole new area of the world map for War. Now that I have played six hours of a campaign, my heart is full of love for Total War. Warhammer 3.

These are just five reasons to start clearing your calendar so you can spend weekends at your computer, leading grand campaigns throughout The Old World.

This campaign is about a huge dying god bear.

Total War’s campaign begins when a disgraced Chaos god shoots a holy Bear in the face. Urson is not just any bear. He is the patron god for the Kislev people and the god of all bears.

The seed for each faction’s campaign goals is this epic opening. You want Urson to be saved if you are playing as Kislev. If you are playing as the Grand Cathay, you will need to negotiate with the bear for more information. If you play as an ogre, well, the gods want to know what your tastes are. That is something I respect.

However, you can’t just march to Urson. To open a path to Urson, you will need to defeat four daemon princes. One for each of the Chaos gods. Portals to the daemonic realms will open as Urson lets loose a death groan throughout the campaign. You can send your army into these rifts to fight the daemon prince, seize its soul, and then use it to reach the dying bear.

It looks very pretty

Creative Assembly, a developer of Total War, has done a remarkable job of bringing this tabletop game to life since the original Total War. From the lumbering ogres to the snarling Daemon Hounds, every unit is based on the Games Workshop artwork and models. It is thrilling to watch your army on the battlefield and then see it smash into your enemies’ front lines.

The Total War has a wide range of characters. The Kislev are found in northern wastes. They look similar to Russian Cossacks. They wear thick fur coats and are armed with rifles and other halberds. The armoured bears that their mounted troops use to fight are their key weapon. The Grand Cathay is inspired by the Chinese armies which defended the Great Wall. However, they are now fighting hordes of Chaos monsters. They bring with them Jade warriors and archers, as well as powerful cannons. Each of the four armies of Chaos has its own unique, horrifying aesthetics. It’s quite a sight to see all these troops in action.


The campaign map, filled with rich colour and detail, shows the splendour found beyond the battlefield. It is almost regrettable that warring armies have covered it. Almost.


Diplomacy was always an option, though I didn’t spend too much time with it in Total War. In previous games, your relationship with other factions wasn’t very deep. You could either build your relationship slowly by swapping military access pacts for defensive pacts and eventually incorporating them into an empire, or you can go the opposite way and anger each other into a conflict.

The diplomacy system in Warhammer 3 has been updated to make it easier to win friends. For example, you can now get missions from your allies, such as attacking specific towns or armies. This will reward you with a stronger friendship and a host of new perks.

Outposts are the main addition. You can build outposts in other factions if you are close enough. This building allows you to build a garrison of troops to defend your troops against attacks by common enemies. It also gives you the ability to purchase troops from their army list. If you play as Grand Cathay and are close enough to the Kislev allies, this building allows you to build a powerful army of archers by adding a frontline war bear cavalry.

The army variety is absurd.

Total War Warhammer is packed to the gills of daemonic units. This game will launch with eight factions, the most in the trilogy. Grand Cathay, Kislev and Ogres are available, and five daemon races are Nurgle, Khorne Tzeentch and Slaanesh.

A special case is the Daemon Prince. The lord over all that is holy can recruit units from other daemon factions to create an army that matches their strengths. You will be rewarded with various body parts that you can graft onto your general as you win battles or gain favour with the chaos gods. You can discover hundreds of body parts so that you can build a unique general in a long campaign.

Add the new outposts to your arsenal, and you will have more options for recruiting from different factions. Your armies will be more diverse than any other game.

We also confirmed with Creative Assembly that the functionality outposts would be integrated into Mortal Empires in a future upgrade. This game mode combines all Total War: Warhammer’s armies. You can build armies with units from every army that has been released in Total War: Warhammer games.

‘Total War, Warhammer 3: Five Reasons Why You Will Want It In Your Life
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