Ubisoft Executive Believes NFTs are Good for Us Even If We “Don’t Get” Them

Ubisoft Executive Believes NFTs are Good for Us Even If We "Don’t Get" Them

Ubisoft Executive Believes NFTs are Good for Us Even If We “Don’t Get” Them.

Ubisoft was not greeted with the fanfare and confetti it had hoped for when it tried non-fungible tokens to its games. The shocking ratio of likes and dislikes pulled its announcement of Ubisoft Quartz. Ubisoft was disappointed, not by the failure of its new venture, but by the number of fans who didn’t “get” the potential of NFTs.

This company has a point. Before you get mad, let me clarify that I am not defending the comments made by the executives in the interview with Find. The concept and execution of NFTs are so complicated that it’s possible that some gamers didn’t know what Ubisoft meant by Quartz and Digits.

Second, players knew what an NFT was, understood its implications and nodded their heads when announced. While you might be proud to own a picture of an ape that is unique and cannot be reproduced, it’s not what you are buying. The art is stored in the non-fungible portion of the NFT. This means that if the server is down, that artwork will also be lost. Permanently.


Nicolas Picard, vice-president of the company’s strategic innovation laboratory, said that Quartz is the first step and should lead to more. He spoke in an interview about the bizarre Ubisoft Quartz response. We will continue to release features and services around the first initiative. We believe that our players will unravel the puzzle piece by piece. We hope that they will be able to see the value we provide.

A helmet was one of the Digits available to Ghost Recon Breakpoint players. Excuse me; it’s not accurate. A helmet was one Digit that Ghost Recon Breakpointplayers had used up 600 hours. You two, I’m sorry. You can see why customers were not thrilled with NFTs.

Picard said, “I believe gamers don’t understand what a digital second market can bring them.” “For the moment, due to the current context and situation of NFTs, gamers genuinely believe it’s first destroying the planet and second just a tool of speculation. Ubisoft sees the end game first. The end game gives players the chance to resell their items after they are done with the game or finished playing it.

It’s beneficial for them. It is beneficial. They don’t understand it yet,” said the executive. Incredible. It’s a fascinating stance to tell your customers that they aren’t intelligent enough or farsighted enough not to understand that Ubisoft games should be working. We will wait to see how it turns out for them.

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