Fortnite Creative Mayhem: Love is in the Air

Fortnite Creative Mayhem: Love is in the Air

Fortnite Creative Mayhem: Love is in the Air

Fortnite Creative Mayhem: Love is in the Air

Fortnite celebrates the talent of Content Creators once more in another Creative Mayhem event. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the theme of Love is in the Air is the next one! (Thanks, Epic …)

Both Players and Creators can participate in the event to receive exclusive cosmetic items. Sign up, join in Creative Mode (specifically the Creative Mayhem map), and you will be able to earn the Emoticon or Pickaxe. A select few map runners who have been successful could be eligible to play Fortnite alongside their favourite Content Creators. You can play Fortnite with Greg or Loserfruit. Here are the steps to join…

How to claim Fortnite Mace Of Hearts Pickaxe & Love Reigns Emoticon

Anyone can purchase these cosmetic items. To get started, visit the Creative Mayhem website to sign in to your Epic Games account. We were surprised to receive the Love Reigns Emoticon immediately after signing in.

The Harvesting Tool will require you to work harder. You will need to play at least 30 minutes on the Creative Mayhem Regional Qualifier map in Fortnite to get the Mace of Hearts Pickaxe. You will need to enter the Island Code shown in the image below to access the map. This is a tedious process that requires a lot of work. However, we believe once you have signed in and earned an Emoticon, your account will be linked to the event. The Pickaxe will then be awarded after the 30-minute playtime. Once we have tested it, we will let you know.


How to get into Fortnite Island Code

It is easy to load up a Creative Map using the island code. Launch Fortnite and hit the button to switch game modes. Next, click on the Island Code tab, as shown in the image below. Enter the code and hit play.

How to sign up for Creative Mayhem Tournament

You can play Fortnite with your favorite Content Creators if you prove that you have what it takes. Submit your best times to the Creative Mayhem Regional Qualifier map.

You can submit multiple attempts – just keep trying. Once you have uploaded your best run to YouTube, go back to Creative Mayhem to submit your time. Select your favorite Content Creator, select your Region, then enter your email address, completion date, and link to your YouTube submission.

What time are Fortnite Creative Mayhem submissions available?

submissions will be accepted betweenFebruary 7th and 14th, 2022 at 6am PST/9am EDT/2 pm GMT  Submissions will be reviewed, and the top qualifiers will be invited to participate in Creative Mayhem along with their chosen Creators. Each Region will compete against the other in an epic tournament that ends on March 12, 2022, with $100,000 and regional pride at stake. If you are lucky enough to be accepted, make sure to grab your Love Reigns Emoticon and Mace of Hearts Pickaxe from your Fortnite locker.

To find out more, visit the Creative Mayhem website. You can also bookmark our dedicated hub to keep up with all the latest Fortnite news.

Fortnite Creative Mayhem: Love is in the Air
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