Is Sea of Thieves in trouble? Coralbeard error being reported

Is Sea of Thieves in trouble? Coralbeard error being reported

Is Sea of Thieves in trouble? Coralbeard error being reported

Is Sea of Thieves in trouble? Coralbeard error being reported

Update February 6th: There has been four hours of downtime and very little information about what’s going on. It looks like this could be worse than the outage on Sunday.

Update 3 – We have confirmed that there are problems with SoT support. However, she does not know when these issues will be resolved.

Three hours have passed since the last update, and there is still no information at this point.

Update 2 There is still no SoT support Twitter, but the Sea of Thieves website has been updated to highlight the issue.

Although there are apparent signs that players are having trouble connecting, nothing has been posted on the official SoT Twitter account. Ironically, it was Sunday last week when Sea of Thieves experienced major downtime during its first community event of season. The Sea of Thieves Support Twitter account has not updated since February 2nd. This is a sign that the guys are still in the dark. We’ll keep you informed.

Is Sea of Thieves in trouble? It is, of course.

It is currently, for most people, yes. We will notify you as soon as the developers address the problem. Twitter is filled with players complaining about frequent downtime and Coralbeard server issues. At this rate, Rare will need to do some good PR.


Sea of Thieves Server Status

DownDetector provides a quick overview of the problem and its growth over the last hour (more recent graph at the top).

After a similar issue being reported on January 21st, and again on January 9th respectively, problems seem to have flared once more. Although the server problems seem to have returned for the third time in January, it doesn’t appear that February is on the right track.

How to fix Sea of Thieves stuck on loading supplies error

The problem could manifest as the following error, but it can also be caused (if in doubt blame players) by antivirus software or inaccurate time settings on the user’s computer. It could be that your computer is unable to connect with the host server. This is why the problem may be manifesting in this manner.

It will probably take a few days to fix it, but it is possible to be successful.

Sea of Thieves Coralbeard Beard Beard error

Also, players are reporting the Coralbeard error as another sign that there is a problem with the server’s connection. This error is actually a temporary outage..

Is Sea of Thieves in trouble? Coralbeard error being reported
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