Rumours surface of a remake of Until Dawn

Rumours surface of a remake of Until Dawn

Rumours surface of a remake of Until Dawn

Rumours surfaced of a remake of Until Dawn.

After sifting through many IPs and licensed games, Supermassive Games finally found Until Dawn. Supermassive created a unique narrative horror experience that was both chilling and fun. It was great fun to play with your friends, even if you were gripping the controller so hard that it could shatter. Supermassive seems to know how much Until Dawn is loved, and rumours abound that they are working on a remake for current-gen consoles.

Until Dawn: Return from the Beyond

Although the rumours are not confirmed, they come from a reliable source. AccountNGT has previously confirmed leaks and is actively investigating the matter.

AccountNGT says that Supermassive Games, according to multiple sources, is reportedly currently working on a remake for Until Dawn. This will be available to current-gen consoles. I will investigate this possibility.

Were they remade so quickly?


This remake, if true, would be the result of the continued excitement surrounding the Until Dawn property until Dawn is not an old game. Supermassive’s confidence in its flagship title is evident because a remake was undertaken rather than a regular port or remaster.

This is not all. The Dark Pictures’ continuing success may also buoy the developers. Supermassive seems to have found its niche. This horror game is not going to stop anytime soon.

Supermassive would be ideal for making big on its narrative horror titles. They are heavily cinematic. The popularity of cinematic narrative games is on the rise in the gaming industry. Telltale’s catalogue, as well as other titles like Heavy Rain, helped popularize this style. It is still popular a decade after its rise to prominence. As evident by the excitement surrounding The Wolf Among Us Season 2.

Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures

Until Dawn is a classic in its genre and time, it would be wise for Supermassive to bring its iconic title back to prominence as it continues to make horror movies. It will be interesting to see if this is the plan or other plans. Fans are unlikely to be disappointed in any way.

Rumours surface of a remake of Until Dawn
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