It’s safe to say that Zombie is a well-known topic in the horror world. Zombies are a popular choice for those looking for an enemy that can be used in large numbers and survival situations. They can be either the traditional undead brain-eaters or a parasitic enslaved person or the result of a virulent biologic weapon. Has the best zombie games.

There’s still something to be said about a game that uses zombies in a meaningful way. This doesn’t necessarily mean that zombies should be the game’s main focus. It can simply mean that they are an acceptable, well-executed result of a good idea. Zombies are an excellent conduit for gore effects that capitalize on the type of terror and shock we expect from high-stakes horror movies. Many good games use zombies, no matter how large or small. These are the top zombie games for PC.

    • Zombie Army 4: Dead War
    • Black Ops: Call of Duty
    • Dying Light
    • Project Zomboid
    • Resident Evil 2 Remake
    • Killing Floor
    • 7 Days to Die
    • The Walking Dead
    • Resident Evil 4
    • Left 4 Dead
    • Dead Space 2
    • Dead Rising 2
    • Plants vs Zombies
  • The Typing of the Dead: Overkill

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

It took three games of killing to bring down Hitler’s hordes. This probably means that someone who ranks zombie persistence would be quite high. Zombie Army 4 is a game that challenges players to return the undead to their origins.

You can either tackle the campaign or horde modes levels of the title on your own or with up to three friends. This allows players to make the most of Zombie Army 4 Dead War’s deep progression system, which emphasizes the damage and lets you take hits for your friends.

Zombie Army 4 adds to the arsenal of Nazi zombie cannon fodder. It includes more resistant zombies with flamethrowers, machine guns, and zombified vehicles. This is definitely one way to increase the ante. Our Zombie Army4 review will give you all the details.

Black Ops: Call of Duty

There are certainly many things in Call of Duty that don’t have anything to do with zombies. That’s all fine and dandy. But then there’s Zombie Mode. Zombie Mode was likely intended to be a distraction from everything else in Black Ops. Although it is a co-op adventure through levels after levels of more aggressive and larger numbers of zombies, this mode and all its additions are much more fun than a mini-game.

Regular Zombie maps like the Kino Der Toten have a time limit of just seconds for players to prepare and plan with their surroundings. You can board up windows that zombies may enter through, buy weapons, upgrade those weapons, buy buffs like extra health or resistance, and prepare for the attack. Many Zombie maps offer unique opportunities and challenges.

Call of Duty’s Zombie mode is a favourite of Call of Duty players due to its original characters and cameos from famous actors like George Romero. It also offers a lot of hectic fun. The zombie mode in Black Ops is not the original version. However, it may still be the most varied version of the model. You also get a great Call of Duty game as a bonus.

Dying Light

Techland tried to achieve a few more goals after the commercial success with Dead Island. They wanted zombies to be threatening again, and the game was far more fun in multiplayer and single. Although the zombies in Dead Island were quite gruesome, they provided a lot of fodder for players to continue their quests. The zombies in Dying Light are still manageable during the day. However, when it gets to the late hours of the time cycle, the Volatiles emerge, and it’s time for you to pay attention.

Volatile zombies are nearly invulnerable. They will chase you until you escape to safety or catch you and take you into their clutches. Dying Light is not just about threatening zombies. Dying Light offers many interesting features, including a new character system and weapon customization, and innovative parkour system that allows you to navigate urban terrain and a host of characters that is far more entertaining than any of the Dead Island characters.

The only part of Dead Island that was fun to play was the co-op. Dying Light offers players the chance to bring their friends along on the run to survival. Dying Light also offered the Be the Zombie option, which allowed players to battle it out as volatiles and humans. Dead Island gave us a glimpse into what the open-world zombie RPG would look like. Dying Light delivered. This is why Dying Light has earned a place on our top 10 list of best PC zombie games.

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid offers a unique answer to this question. As a normal human being, how would you survive in a zombie apocalypse as an ordinary person and not as a TV star? Are you content to stay in the city, trying to get supplies while avoiding the zombie wealth? Or would you venture out into the woods to make a settlement and try to reduce the zombie threat?

The Indie Stone has many interesting ideas with its open-world zombie survival adventure. Players will be working mainly out of necessity as they attempt to balance water and food supplies. Each forage leads to a variety of choices that can lead to death. Even the possibility of running into zombies is included in the game. Your character may panic if they come up against one. This can severely limit their accuracy and vision, as they must choose between flying or fighting and/or dying.

Players must practice specific actions to improve their skills in the game’s active skill system. Players will not only be proficient at using blades, but they will also be able to slice and slash like a barbarian with a little practice and hopefully little error. The game also allows players to team up and fight for survival as they create their own bastion against the world’s madness. Project Zomboid may be a simple game, but its fun setup adds a lot to the zombie survival idea.


Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2: Remake is a clear example of how Capcom can make a great game even better. The developer retained the original story, characters, and locations, but the combat system was changed to be more action-oriented. What did the result look like? It’s not only one of its best games, but it’s also one of the best zombie games on PC.

Although Mr X was already a frightening foe, it is now that you are seeing him slowly advance towards your face with a fixed eye. Regular zombies can be found in claustrophobic places or on the streets around Raccoon City. They are often ignored as mere cannon fodder and tend to come back to life even after multiple shots. This adds an element of mystery.

Although many things have changed, you will still need to solve puzzles, find keys, and examine objects if your goal is to discover every secret or move forward. You can also run the story as Claire again by finishing it once, which is great for replayability. Resident Evil 2 is a great remake that you should not overlook, even if you aren’t usually receptive to modern remakes.

Killing Floor

It all started in 2005 as an Unreal Tournament Mod. But, it has come a long way. Tripwire Interactive has made its humble mod a popular co-op survival game with a hungry community. Killing Floor 2 may still be looking for its own success, but it could also come from the high demand of its loyal fan base. Killing Floor was a great time.

London, England, is the setting for the first game. A biotechnology company’s experiments result in an endless stream of cloned, mutating creatures. England is rapidly overrun, and the government scrambles for special police and soldiers to fight the mutated dead. You can play the vanilla game with up six people. Together, you will fight against undead waves, culminating in a fight against a boss-esque creature.

Call of Duty Zombie Mode was incorporated into the game. Players could buy weapons and other perks to increase their chances of winning. They could also weld doors to get to a specific spot on the map. Players can also access perks that grant them a certain class, such as sharpshooters and medics. Each character provides a unique niche that encourages teamwork. Killing Floor started humbly, but the ZED-sprinkling co-op survivalist has grown to be a success thanks to its engaging mechanics.

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die stands out in a world where sandbox survival is a popular genre of videogame development. The game follows a fairly standard format. Players start in a world that has very little. They must forage and avoid zombies as they try to forge their way into a settlement.

There are many similar games, including zombie games like DayZ. However, 7 Days to Die stands out with its extensive crafting system. There were more than 400 crafting items available when this article was written. These allow players to create their own experience with weapons, clothing and tools. While cooperative players can create a defence network, competitive players can take advantage of those less prepared.

7 Days to Die has received a lot of support from fans and developers and is continually improving at a rate that few other survival sandbox games can match. As players try to survive in a zombie-infested environment, the game’s core experience encourages creativity and ingenuity. You won’t find a better, more supported and more comprehensive game for your money.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead franchise is full of moral ambiguity. There are fringe groups that have emerged in a world where zombies have destroyed society as we know. Sometimes they take the form of survivors, but sometimes they appear in the form of savages who will kill to survive. Stories are centred on trust, survival, trust and sacrifice. Telltale Games’ Walking Dead adventure series is perhaps the best example.

Telltale has several seasons and a miniseries with comic and TV fan-favourite Michonne. It brings the undead to life in an interactive Walking Dead experience as natural as breathing. From the initial story of convict-turned-protector Lee Everett to the harsh growth of young Clementine, Telltale weaves a web of choices, consequences, and regret that is sure to twist the guts of the unprepared.

Each episode is like a choose-your-own-adventure book with time limits on some seriously tense situations. Will you save the child or the man with the gun? Do you try to save your friend’s life or kill their infected loved ones? Many choices have serious implications. The characters will always remember what you did. This framework has been used by Telltale for many of its adventure titles. It has proven to be very reliable, especially when viewed against the background of Robert Kirkman’s graphic universe.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil was a pioneer in horror video games. It introduced puzzle-solving, atmospheric terror, and shock gore to the genre. However, the game’s core gameplay had been used for nine years, with many numbered entries and spinoffs. The game was getting stale. 2005 came along, and Resident Evil 4 revolutionized the franchise. It set the standard for all modern Resident Evil games with its new style.

Resident Evil 4 refocused the spotlight on Leon Kennedy, the first time since Resident Evil 2. The former Raccoon Police officer and resourceful Leon Kennedy was made a government agent. He answered directly to the President and assisted in biological terror defence matters. This is when Leon is sent to rescue the President’s daughter from a terrorist organization.

Fixed camera angles are no longer used in Resident Evil 4. Instead, the game uses an over-the-shoulder camera. The tank gunfire is dropped for a more intuitive gunplay system. This allows the player to aim and place shots on enemy bodies and do more damage depending on which part they hit. Resident Evil 4 brought the game’s gameplay to a new level. The enemies became more dangerous and aggressive due to the chaotic pace. We will never forget the encounter with Dr Salvador’s bullet-sponging (also known as the Chainsaw Man).

Left 4 Dead

The Left 4 Dead series has a lot of merit. The Left 4 Dead games were a great way to have fun with your friends, regardless of whether you’re talking about the cooperative concentration it brought to the zombie games, the terrifying “special” creatures that it introduced, or even the Director engine that guarantees that no two zombie attacks are ever the same. Left 4 Dead was the original game, but Left 4 Dead 2 refined it to almost perfect perfection.

Left 4 Dead 2 didn’t try to reinvent the wheel but instead kept everything that players loved about the game (aside from the original characters). Instead, they added more meaningful content to an already great thing. Seven more guns are added to the original six weapons, while the zombies get their share of special types that will increase the difficulty of cooperative play. The conservative also received a number of melee weapons that will help keep ammo safe from real threats.

Left 4 Dead 2 introduced four new characters to the game, but they’re just as interesting as the original. Coach, Ellis and Rochelle bring their backstories and banter, which is reflected in a host of new stories. These stories are just as tense and reminiscent of the ’80s horror-zombie schlock as any in the original game. You can play for hours and not be able to fully understand every scenario. Many games offer many different options to create different effects, while others keep it safe. Left 4 Dead 2 offers a nice middle ground. It doesn’t abandon the original game’s wonderful structure, but adds enough content to keep it fresh and worthy of a place on our list.

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