Borderlands team up with Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky
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Borderlands team up with Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky

Borderlands team up with Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky

Borderlands team up with Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky.

Borderlands and Ballantine’s have teamed up to create a Borderlands-branded whisky in one of the most exciting collaborations we’ve ever seen. This also means that Borderlands 3 will no longer be supported. It is now only available to those who are able, and this limited-edition whisky will soon become available.

Moxxi herself stated that a collaboration with a booze brand is not surprising. It is also a fun twist on Moxxi’s character and could be an excellent way for us to catch Borderlands 3 one more time before we see the inevitable sequel. Moxxi stated these things in a press release.

A good partnership balances business with pleasure in equal measures, states Moxxi. Ours started sweetly. George Ballantine visited my home with a proposal that was blush-worthy. He gave me my limited edition run of bottles. It’s called “Moxxi’s Bar Edition.”

WPC tests Borderlands Whisky.

WPC towers had the pleasure to try this limited-edition bottle. It was, according to team members, ‘better that expected.’ Below is our review of the bottle and how it tasted.

According to a press release, the bottle will allow access to Borderlands 3 content. This is the final update to Borderlands 3. Moxxi will be racing across the galaxy in her new Scotch Whisky company and will try to unify Vault Hunters and newcomers to the game. This is paired with streamers sharing their cocktail recipes. We’re confident it will result in some fantastic and bizarre creations.

Take responsibility

Moxxi stars as herself in an advertisement filled with references and cameos by fan-favorite Borderlands characters like Claptrap. Moxxi also explains how she got to be in partnership with Mr Ballantine. This advert is not only a showcase of the best Borderlands 3 content but also serves as a PSA for responsible drinking and encourages users to ‘raid responsibly.’

Borderlands team up with Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky
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