For Honor Update 2.35.1 Chest Issues Resolved

For Honor Update 2.35.1 Chest Issues Resolved

For Honor Update 2.35.1 Chest Issues Resolved

For Honor Update 2.35.1 Chest Issues Resolved

Assassin’s Creed For the Creed is back in For Honor. Abstergo Industries invites players to participate and earn limited-time items. This ongoing event will run until May 19th, 2022, and includes a special event pass that can be completed by anyone. All heroes can now get new ornaments and the original Dominion mode has been restored. Update 2.35.1 has fixed some of the problems that were causing the ongoing event to be unusable. This should make the experience more seamless for players.

Update 2.35.1 Players are ready for new events

Jiang Jun will be held on May 26th and Black Prior on June 9th. These events are not to be missed. This title update will also feature Chimera Banquet, which will offer exclusive rewards from June 2 through June 9. Ubisoft will also host an exclusive For The Creed Twitch event to celebrate the launch of Y6S1 Title update 2.

This is Your Last Chance to Get Assassin’s Creed cosmetics

The Assassin’s Creed Event brings back the original game mode of 4v4 Dominion, Assassini e Templari, or Assassins VS Templars, available for the Maps Citadel, River Fort, and Beach Head. Each team must defeat the Commander of their opponent. This commander is either Ezio Auditore da Firenze, or Cesare Borgia.

Cosmetics must now function correctly

The new update has introduced a variety of cosmetic issues. Patch 2.35.1 corrected an issue that caused Warmonger “Confulgeo” and “Horkos Tyrannos”, chests to look identical. Ubisoft also resolved an issue that caused Kensei’s alternate body type, the “Kenka”, chest to be larger than other chest pieces. Visual bugs have been fixed for all chests. The thumbnails of the chest parts are the same, so you might not notice any differences at first glance.

This update was released just in time to support the Jiang Jun and Black Prior events, which will be launched in the next weeks. After player complaints, the issues with chests have been resolved and cosmetics should now be available to you. is the link to the official patch notes. You don’t want to wait for Frostwind and are unsure what to expect.

For Honor Update 2.35.1 Chest Issues Resolved
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