Monster Hunter: Sunbreak: What do we know so far?
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Monster Hunter: Sunbreak: What do we know so far?

Monster Hunter: Sunbreak: What do we know so far?

Monster Hunter: Sunbreak: What do we know so far?


Sunbreak will release one of the most significant expansions to Monster Hunter Rise. The game now features a new addition that improves gameplay, and adds combat mechanics, new monsters, hunting locations, and a new difficulty level through Master Rank quests.

Sunbreak is set after the core game’s plot. It focuses on the peace that Kamura Village finally achieves after fighting off the Rampage, a monster attack on their village. Lunagaron, a new monster, appears in the Shrine Ruins and threatens their peace. Fiorayne is a Knight of the Royal Order. Fiorayne requests the player’s assistance in investigating why the Kingdom’s monsters are aggressively invading other areas. Players will now be able to rescue Kamura from the calamity by becoming the hunter. They will then have to travel to Elgado to encounter new monsters that they can defeat or capture.

Sunbreak was the latest Monster Hunter Digital Event to receive more information. Check out the video below to see the new gameplay.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: New Features

The Digital Event showed fans all the exclusive content that will be available when Sunbreak releases. This is what Sunbreak has to say:

Sunbreak Edition Pro Controller

Sunbreak’s launch will also be supported by the Pro Controller.

Improved Hunting Action

Each hunt is enhanced with new abilities and Endemic Life. The two new abilities that players can learn are the Hunting Action (and Endemic Life). Each of the 14 primary weapons now has new silkbind moves, attacks, and maneuvers.

Two sets are available: the Red Switch Skill Swap Scroll Scroll and the Blue Switch Skill Swap Scroll. Switch Skill Swap allows players to quickly switch between the two scrolls.


Swap Evade is a new ability that can be used only after a Switch Skill Swap.
It allows you to move quickly in any direction, so you can avoid monster attacks and keep your distance.

To initiate a wall-run, you don’t need to do a Wiredash! To run on a wall, you can simply jump, dash, or do a midair escape towards it. You can also initiate wall runs using other moves that do not require the Wirebug Gauge.

New Endemic Life

  • Morphed Wirebugs These are new types of Wirebugs which shine brighter than regular ones. There are two types: the Ruby Wirebug or the Gold Wirebug. You can capture one to get beneficial effects.
  • Marionette Spiders – These creatures are closely related to the Puppet Spider. They have blue hairs and a striking orange pattern. The silk can be used to control a monster and make it move in the desired direction. If it is directed towards an obstacle, it can cause damage and possibly even topple the monster. To attack, use the silk of the spider.
  • Starburst bug:Beetles can be found in star-shaped groups. They can stay stationary for many years once they have been established. The dust on their shells reacts to external stimuli and changes the creature’s colour.
  • Thornytoad –Small amphibians discovered in large numbers in the Citadel’s Resinmires. They have suckers on their elastic tongues that they use for hunting and for holding onto wood, masonry, or other creatures. They are ferocious and will devour any creature, even monsters. They swell up when they are attacked and then release concentrated gastric acid which makes large monsters recoil.

New Monsters

The new monsters in Sunbreak are one of the most important features that players will be interested to learn about. There are many more, but these are the most important. contains the complete list.

Monster Hunter: Sunbreak: What do we know so far?
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