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Fortnite: 5 Geno Facts You Need To Know

Fortnite: 5 Geno Facts You Need To Know

Fortnite: 5 Geno Facts You Need To Know

First mentioned in Chapter 2 – Season 6’s Zero Crisis Finale, ‘s main antagonist has always been hidden behind the scenes: Geno. Or Geno when they realized that the fancy flair would never catch fire. It is probably useful to learn how to pronounce it first.

The Imagined Order (IO) is Geno’s reality-spanning endeavour to control and catalogue all existence. Their technology puts people in a loop of combat where all memories and exceptional abilities are lost. The IO can analyze any person brought to their playground and fulfil every child’s Alien vs Predator vs Terminator fantasies. An ex-agent, now against IO, was first to mention Geno’s Name: Jonesy, who played Troy Baker.

He did so by calling for help from the faction that directly opposes the IO, The Seven, who have been searching for Geno for a while. Dwayne Johnson played the Foundation leader. He stopped his Jonesy-smashing superhuman kick after hearing that name. Each character’s appearance had some connection with Geno and his hunt to find him.

These are five Geno facts about Fortnite’s mysterious character. His appearances have become more frequent.

Geno is not only obscured in the narrative but also in the literal. The Zero Point’s reality portal link capabilities were focused on Geno’s home during the Chapter 3 – Season 2 event Collision. Foundation and Jonesy jumped at the sight of his smoky silhouette. Hopefully, they didn’t ruin his living room carpet.

Geno directs the IO’s operations and bases from his realm. Only high-ranking agents can contact Geno, proving that only those who truly dedicate themselves to his cause will be rewarded for their madness.


This is a common trend in Fortnite’s story. Characters like Doctor Slone first appeared as silhouettes and were revealed only later. Geno will likely follow this trend, but his first appearance, as the greatest antagonist in the game’s history will have a significant impact on the story.

The root word “Geno”, which means family, kind, and origin in the sense of genealogy, is from the root word Gene. Fortnite has taken great care when naming its characters. Gunnar, the IO’s enforcer, is a Nordic name that means soldier. Jonesy was named after Ripley’s cat from the 1970s movie Alien.

It is also half of the definition of “genocide”, which the IO is likely guilty of in their war on all universes. They are, however, the greatest villains ever to have existed in fiction.

This new naming is a sad one. There are no Kevins or Blevins. These names were community-given names for characters previously shrouded in mystery. Epic Games has made sure their largest card has an impressive name RI.

Another possibility is the Sisters, two of the Seven members named Imagined or Order. Geno could have family on the other side of that on-the-nose reference and complete absence of memories from the past.

A memory wiping device was used almost on Jonesy during the Chapter 2 – Season 8 “The End” events. This proves that the technology is still in the hands of the IO. It must have been a monumental feat for the leader of the faction to come out of his pocket realm and erase the memories of these charming, cunning characters.

Jonesy mentions that Geno wiped the files of the sisters from the IO’s system during Chapter 3 – Season 2. This is something that has never been done before. This strengthens their connection even further, and The Imagined’s description of her skin as “her past is key to our future”, this plot thread will be a sure hit.

Fortnite: 5 Geno Facts You Need To Know
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