Metroid Beginner’s Guide: All You Need To Know

Metroid Beginner’s Guide: All You Need To Know

Metroid Beginner’s Guide: All You Need To Know

Metroid Beginner’s Guide: All You Need To Know

The Metroid franchise has been one of Nintendo’s most popular and influential titles. Metroid is a science-fiction series that focuses on Samus Aran, an intergalactic bounty hunter. It chronicles her missions for Galactic Federation. The main focus of the series is on a group of marauding aliens known as the Space Pirates, and a mysterious parasitic organism called a Metroid.

Samus’ adventures take her to alien worlds, abandoned spacecraft, and even asteroids throughout the course of the series. She is determined to eradicate the menace of matroids in the galaxy and stop the invasion by the evil Space Pirates.

Another recurring character is Mother Brain, an organic computer, Samus’ former Galactic Federation commander Adam Malkovich, and Ridley, the leader of Space Pirates. Metroid is a fascinating topic.

Five key people are credited with the creation of Metroid.

Satoru Okada was the director of the first game, and the series was born.

Yoshio Samoto was the original Metroid’s character designer and has been responsible for most of the entries since then.

Next is Gunpei Yokoi who created the first two games and managed the R&D1 section at Nintendo.

Makotakano created the storyline, setting, and characters for the first game. He also worked on Metroid II (Super Metroid) and Super Metroid.

Hirojikiyotake also created key characters for the Metroid games. Samus Aran is an intergalactic bounty hunter who hunts down alien threats to the Galactic Federation. Although she was once a soldier for the Federation, she felt restricted by their rules and regulations so she decided to go it alone.


After Space Pirates killed her parents and left Samus orphaned, Samus was taken in by the Chozo. The Chozo, an alien bird-like race, took Samus in and gave her some of their DNA. They also gave her a power suit, which gives her many unique abilities, including the ability to alter her body, allow her to breathe on other worlds, and blast energy from an arm-mounted gun.

Samus was inspired primarily by Ellen Ripley’s character in Alien and Aliens. She is strong, confident, and proactive and responds to crises with practical logic, intuition, and action. Her contribution to gaming culture is also noteworthy. She was the first female character in video gaming.

A Metroid, a type of space parasite, is one that latches onto its victims and draws out their essence. These strange creatures don’t draw blood, plasma, or any other identifiable substance from the body, but instead, pull the life force from their victims.

Some believe that Metroid draw out the soul or spirit of a creature, leading to metaphysical questions about their genes.

The Metroid is a green-colored creature with red pulsating sacs and 2-4 protruding fangs on its base. They can be as small or large as an animal depending on the mutations they have.

Metroid Prime and Metroid are fundamentally different in that the player views things from a different perspective. The Metroid games, which are 2D side-scrolling platformers, have inspired a subgenre called Metroidvania. A Metroidvania, a 2D platformer game in which players explore a slowly unfolding map and collect items that enable them to continue their journey.

Metroid Prime follows the same format, but the perspective changes to the first-person. The Prime games are more like Super Metroid or Half-Life.

Metroid Beginner’s Guide: All You Need To Know
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