Best PlayStation Plus Games Available Right Now

Best PlayStation Plus Games Available Right Now

Best PlayStation Plus Games Available Right Now

Best PlayStation Plus Games Available Right Now

The PlayStation Plus has a vast selection of games you can add to your backlog. These include AAA titles, indie gems, and classics from past generations. It can be challenging to navigate the vast array of choices. Scrolling through the many options and deciding what to play could cost you hours of your potential playing time.

Many classic titles have been praised by fans and critics, but we’ve sorted through them all and selected twenty top-drawer titles to add to your library. This is less than 1% of all the options available in the PS Plus Premium Tier – rare air for any game. The best of the best won’t play safe to be called the best. These are the top twenty PlayStation Plus games, PS4 or PlayStation5. They also include their required membership tiers.

The Best PS Plus Games

Naughty Dog’s hit story of survival and finding family in a devastated world has been The Last of Us. It was released in 2013 and was remastered for the PS4 in 2014. A divisive but unmissable sequel will be available in 2020.

The title’s emotional story about Joel’s grief and Ellie’s growing relationship with his precocious daughter in a world overrun by mushroom zombies was a big hit. But the title’s stealth-focused gameplay, attention to detail, and ability to approach combat encounters creatively make The Last of Us Remastered worth a look.

Although a complete remake is currently in development (with a title change to The Last of Us Part I), the original deserves your attention. Although the new version will make considerable strides in scraggly dad-beard rendering technology, the original still has a semi-cel-shaded, almost comic-book-adjacent tinge that character and world design, which helps sell the world that the characters live in. The future title may look better, but the original will still be charming.

Best PlayStation Plus Games Available Right Now
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