Stray Modder Replaces Cat with Spyro the Dragon

Stray Modder Replaces Cat with Spyro the Dragon

Stray Modder Replaces Cat with Spyro the Dragon

Stray Modder Replaces Cat with Spyro the Dragon

The cat-based adventure game Story has gained a massive following via social media thanks to its feline protagonist.

A few modders are now experimenting with other cute animals to be added to the game, as cat lovers worldwide are captivated by the video clips of real cats responding to the game.

Minecraft users might already have their choice of a Minecraft Pig, but it’s retro Playstation players’ turn. Their custom cat looks a little more fire-breathing and scaly.

A Playstation Icon Serves as Stray’s Cat

Modder MrMarco1003 is responsible for the mod, Spyro the Dragon. He has previously replaced Stray’s cat with an animated movie dog Bolt and subbed into Spyro to launch Resident Evil3’s rocket launcher.

The mod does only one thing, as the name implies. You can play Stray as the purple dragon and hop between platforms like a veteran while solving puzzles in the walled town.


Unfortunately, the mod description doesn’t indicate if you will be able to inhale any fire or emit immersion-breaking meows. However, if this is the case, you can still stare into Spyro’s wild eyes and vow silence for the remainder of your playthrough.

You might also consider another mod if you aren’t ready to move from cats to other animals.

This one was made by Rubino, a prolific modder who has previously brought an adorable puppy and a lasagna-loving cat Garfield to Stray.

Their latest creation is called Humpuss (Homeless Poses). It’s a slightly distressed cat designed to look like many homeless stray cats you will find on the streets or in shelters.
Humpuss was created to remind you that while it is fun to ogle cute cats in video games, it is also essential to care for homeless cats if you have the means.

Modder norskpl uploaded the file’StrayCat Blend File for Texture Painting’. This will allow you to make your own cat, provided you have done some research on how modding works.

Download your cat or dragon and follow our guides to Stray Mods, how to get in the nightclub, and how to do a sick Slam dunk .

Stray Modder Replaces Cat with Spyro the Dragon
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