Black Panther Game reportedly in Development
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Black Panther Game Reportedly in Development

Black Panther Game Reportedly in Development

Black Panther Game Reportedly in Development

In recent years, Marvel games have been somewhat mixed. High points like Marvel’s Spider-Man were counterbalanced with relative flops like Marvel’s Avengers.

However, it looks like we might be in line for a game adaptation from a popular series that hasn’t yet moved from the big screen to a smaller screen.

VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb claims that a game based upon the Black Panther movies is in development.

You might be able to wander Wakanda for yourself soon

Grubb stated this on the Game Mess morning show For Giant Bomb. “t is a one-player game. It is still in very early development. The game begins with Black Panther being dead. The player will then take on the challenge of becoming the new Black Panther.

Grubb said, “t is probably being produced by the Seattle studio established by Monolith Productions vice-president and studio head Kevin Stephens. So yes, this game is published by EA.”He suggested that Project Rainier, currently codenamed, would aim to duplicate the success of the Black Panther films, which earned around $1.3 billion worldwide.

Grubb went on to say more about the studio that is responsible for delivering such a huge success. “They’re brand new studio, but have a lineage that goes back into those Middle Earth games (2017 Shadow of War and 2014 Shadow of Mordor), that people loved, “Grubb suggested that the game would likely have an enormous scope and an open world. Grubb also discussed how iit’ssurprising that the game iisn’tbeing produced by a Sony-affiliated company. Grubb had been involved with several Marvel releases, including MMarvel’sSpider Man. It announced the ggame’sarrival on PC at last month’s State of Play presentation.

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Black Panther Game Reportedly in Development
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