Alone in the Dark could be the next great horror revival

Alone in the Dark could be the next great horror revival

Alone in the Dark could be the next great horror revival

Alone in the Dark could be the next great horror revival.

Alone In The Dark is considered the grandfather of 3D horror games. However, it has been eclipsed by other franchises. While games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil have been internationally recognized successes, the Alone In The Dark series has suffered the same fate. Although a horrible multiplayer game did not help the brand’s image, it was still a significant blow to its reputation.

THQ Nordic would be the best person to try and revive the Alone In The Dark legacy. They have built their reputation on the idea that they can bring back IP and franchises that were lost. A rising tide lifts all boats, so it stands to reason that a resurrected publisher would also try to revive lost games. Alone In The Dark, THQ Nordic’s next attempt at video game necromancy is the result. It could lead to something extraordinary.

Alone In The Dark, a horror game for third-person play developed by Pieces Interactive is an equal parts remake and reimagining of the terror classic from thirty years back. The characters and setting will be familiar to fans of the series. Still, Pieces Entertainment is changing and swapping some elements with THQ Nordic to make the project more ambitious.

Alone In The Dark appears to take some cues from the games afterward. The gameplay feels reminiscent of The Evil Within or the Resident Evil 2 remake. Guy Davis is a renowned monster designer. Players will face various horrible monsters and have to solve puzzles along their journey. This is a classic horror game, and although it may not be the most original, it is great to see a legacy franchise reaching the top of its genre again.

Alone In The Dark’s plot structure is almost identical to the original. Jeremy Hartwood sent a letter to Emily in which he described being haunted and how he felt. Emily hires Edward Carnby to investigate the events at Derceto Manor. In the original, Jeremy commits suicide to stop the dark forces from manifesting. However, the remake shows that Derceto Manor is now an institute for the mentally ill, not an isolated haunted house.

This is part of the reason the remake is more ambitious. Pieces Entertainment wanted to expand the story and scope of Alone In The Dark. The game’s transformation of Derceto Manor to a mental hospital will add a lot of story potential and NPCs, while players will explore more of the surrounding areas than the Manor. In the trailer’s debut, Edward and Emily explore cemeteries, oil wells on the bayou, and even closer to New Orleans.

The developers spoke of New Orleans and said they wanted to explore more of the Southern bayou gothic terror. They also plan to use a doom-jazz-inspired soundtrack and lots of mysterious swampland. Although the game was set in Louisiana, it felt like an original haunted house story. So seeing the Southern Gothic elements explored adds that extra layer to intrigue.

Mikael Hedgeberg is writing Alone In The Dark, giving you more reasons to be excited about the game’s story. Hedberg is also responsible for SOMA and Amnesia, both highly-respected horror titles. You can also play as Emily or Edward, and the story will be different depending on how you view it. The NPCs will respond differently to this change, and new areas will be available only for the character. Resident Evil 2 fans, in particular, will find much to love here.

Alone In The Dark currently has a pre-alpha stage of development. THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive hope to launch this ambitious reboot on PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X & S in 2023. We’ll have to wait to see if it can compete with more modern horror franchises.

Alone in the Dark could be the next great horror revival
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