What is Natures function in Pokemon?

What is Natures function in Pokemon?

What exactly is Nature in Pokemon? In Pokemon, Nature is used to classify a pokemon’s personality, influencing various things such as what kind of food they will like. It affects any two stats (depending on the Nature) by 10%. If you want to know more about it, you have come to the right place because we have compiled a list just for you.

Pokemon Nature Chart

Let’s start with Neutral Nature; it includes Bashful, Docile, Hardy, Serious, and Quirky. Neutral Nature works by increasing and decreasing the same stat by the same percentage and balancing it out.

There’s another way of figuring out how Nature affects Pokemon’s stats.

What is Natures function in Pokemon?


As you can see Sp.Atk is coloured red, and Attack is coloured blue; the red represents the increased stats while the blue represents the decreased stats, and if stats have the same colour, then it means that the Pokemon is neutral.

A Pokemon who has a particular nature may also love certain flavours. Based on their stat, they dislike certain flavours. Each stat is linked to a particular flavour. Higher stats means they like the flavour. Lower stats indicate they don’t like the flavour.

  • Attack – Spicy flavour.
  • Defence – Sour flavour.
  • Sp. Attack – Dry flavour.
  • Sp. Defence – Bitter flavour.
  • Speed – Sweet flavour.

An Adamant nature Pokemon, for example, has an increased Attack and lower Special Attack. This Pokemon will love spicy flavours and not like dry flavours. A Pokemon who is neutral will not show a preference. This knowledge is useful when you use berries like the Kee Berry.

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