Fortnite Aim Courses Lists With Codes (August 2022)

Fortnite Aim Courses Lists With Codes (August 2022)

Aim Course is essential for you to rise in Fortnite. Fortnite is one of the first Battle Royale Games to introduce training for aim assist.

Fortnite has introduced several modes for you to improve, and we have compiled the aim assist course codes for you.

Best Fortnite Aim Course Codes

  • Ultimate Aim Training Course: 2483-7229-2827
  • Trickshot Deathrun – Got aim?: 0175-2829-3030
  • Slyjack’s Movement/Peek Aim Course: 3229-2138-0756
  • Raider464’s Aim Training Map: 6531-5731-1207
  • Doublendude Aim Course: 8850-5991-7075
  • Teadoh’s Chapter 3 Warm-Up Map: 7264-2987-8032
  • Piece Control + Aim: 1611-0113-8283
  • Skaavok Aim Training: 8022-6842-4965
  • Warm-up Chapter 3: 9235-5574-0144
  • Edit + Aim Parkour Training: 4691-7411-6945

Ultimate Aim Training Course

Ultimate Aim Training Course is the OG Aim Course introduced in Chapter 1, and it has been one of the most liked and played Aim courses ever since its release.

Trickshot Deathrun – Got aim?

Code: 0175-2829-3030

Trickshot Deathrun is the latest addition to the Trickshot Series. Trickshot is famous for its sole player experience, it offers you maps for each trickshot, and you will have to succeed with each shot to move to the next map. This course improves your reaction time to those tricky situations.

Slyjack’s Movement/Peek Aim Course

Code: 3229-2138-0756

This course is one of a kind, and this training will help you improve your aim, but that’s not the only thing it will improve. Slyjack will improve your movement skills, help you coordinate it with your aiming style, and greatly enhance your performance by raising your K/D!


Raider464’s Aim Training Map

Code: 6531-5731-1207

The latest trending aim course on Fortnite is Raider464’s Aim Training Map. Raider’s training map consists of 20 custom-planned situations with the newly introduced sliding mechanism. Raider’s training is tailored for console and controller/gamepad players as it supports real-time assist. Raider advises using assault rifles with Glider Tracking.

Doublendude Aim Course

Code: 8850-5991-7075

Doublendude Aim Course is one of the most unique and challenging courses on Fortnite. It is one of the few courses where you can choose whether you want to do aim training or if you want to play out in certain combat situations. Doublendude’s course includes bots capable of inflicting danger to players, and if you are a total newbie, you must utilize this course.

Teadoh’s Chapter 3 Warm-Up Map

Code: 7264-2987-8032

Tedoh is one of the popular mapmakers in Fortnite because he not only creates amazing maps but also continuously adds exciting new features periodically. Not only that, but you can choose to customize it to suit your preferences and polish your skills just the way you want them to be
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