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The Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.05 brought the popular treasure map dungeons. These maps provide players with fabrics and minions that they use to craft new pieces of armor. With enough grinding, making FFXIV Gil won’t be a problem for you anymore, and you can focus on other aspects of the game. You have to gather and gather a lot to get your hands on the Kumbhiraskin treasure map. A second treasured map named the Almastyskin treasure map is also available, which can be obtained by the below method while the locations are only changed. This article features detailed information about the Kumbhiraskin treasure map, along with a guide to help you unlock it and access all the high loot locations. 

Requirements for treasure maps in FFXIV

Before you set on the adventure to unlock these maps, you have to meet some requirements. First of all, FFXIV spawns a new treasure map after eighteen hours, which means you can have to wait for the given time. To learn how much time is left before you can get a new treasure map, open the timers window by pressing “CTRL + U” on the keyboard. You can have only one treasure map at a time and have to drop the previous map before equipping a new one. The same goes for deciphering the map, which can be done one by one. Whether you store maps in retainers or in the saddlebag of your mount, the same rule is applied. There is a trick to holding multiple treasure maps in FFXIV, but you have to get help from a friend. Your friend will send you the map, and you don’t have to worry about storing it for as long as you don’t open the mail. In case of multiple maps, you have to sell them at the shop or decipher them. There are some choices that you have to make before you start the search for the Kumbhiraskin treasure map. You have to equip one of the three Earth Disciple classes, including miner, fisherman, or botanist. If you already have equipped one of these classes, upgrade the class to level ninety in FFXIV.  

How to unlock the Kumbhiraskin treasure map?

If you meet the above-mentioned requirements, here is how you can unlock the Kumbhiraskin treasure map. Search only in the Endwalker area, as these maps are in the expansion pack. Don’t worry if you have picked one of these three classes and go to the in-game market board to get the class from the Disciple of the land. Some of the most popular locations for the treasure map are given below, and you can try your luck there. 

  • Go to the Ultima Thule (13.5, 29.3) as a Botanist for the Kumbhiraskin treasure map
  • Go to Thavnair (23.1, 24.5) and (23.2, 25.4) as an Angler for the Kumbhiraskin treasure map
  • Go to the Ultima Thule (18.6, 14.2) as a Miner for the Kumbhiraskin treasure map

Now that you have found the treasure map, it is time to learn about what is written in it using the decipher option. The decipher will tell you about all the locations of all treasure items. If you want to get these rewards now, you have to join a full party of eight players as the location is guarded by some level ninety enemies, which can’t be defeated in solo mode. Here are some popular rewards from the Kumbhiraskin treasure map. 

  • Gil
  • x10 Aphorism’s Allagan Tome stone
  • Materia
  • Pixie Wings
  • Excite-I-Mask

Patch 6.05 of Final Fantasy XIV will also feature a portal along with the Kumbhiraskin treasure map that enables you to access the Excitatron 6000, which is a special edition of the game. With the treasure map and secret portal, priceless rewards are waiting for you at the other end. 


The question of whether you can just buy the Kumbhiraskin treasure map from the shop troubles the mind of gamers. The question is totally justifiable, given the grinding that players have to do to get the map. There is good news that, yes, players can buy the Kumbhiraskin treasure map from the market board. The average price of the Kumbhiraskin treasure map is around seventy thousand FFXIV Gil, while the demand for the map decides whether the price of the map will go down or up. Getting FFXIV Gil itself can be a problem, but it is already sorted out, thanks to You can also purchase the Kumbhiraskin treasure map using real cash. By purchasing the map, you can save a lot of time and focus on other important tasks in Final Fantasy XIV. If grinding is what you do and you always have a few extra maps in the game, you can sell them at the market to other players to earn Gil. 

Rewards of Kumbhiraskin treasure map

Exploring the Kumbhiraskin treasure map helps you earn some pretty good rewards. These rewards range from in-game currency to tome stones and crafting materials, etc. 

  • A head glamour item called Excite-I-Mask
  • A crafting material called Cloth of Happiness to craft the Happiness Glamour piece
  • Crafting material called Exciting Fiber to make Varsity glamour piece
  • Resplendent feathers to get the Alkonost mount 
  • Royal Lunatender minion
  • Finality Orchestrion Roll
  • On Blade’s Edge Orchestrion Roll
  • Pixie Wings fashion accessory
  • Archangel Wings fashion accessory
  • White Lace Parasol fashion accessory

Locations of Kumbhiraskin treasure map

Now that you have unlocked the Kumbhiraskin treasure map and decoded it, it is time to use the map and find all the rewards. The best thing about the Kumbhiraskin treasure map is that you don’t have to actually finish the Endwalker expansion of the original Final Fantasy XIV and can start the hunt whenever you want. The locations on the maps given below are indicated with a red cross, and you can go there to get these items. 

Labyrinth Treasure Map Locations

Labyrinth Treasure Map Locations

Thavnair Treasure Map Locations


Garlemald Treasure Map Locations

Garlemald Treasure Map Locations

Mare Lamentorium Treasure Map Locations

Mare Lamentorium Treasure Map Locations

Ultima Thule Treasure Map Locations

Ultima Thule Treasure Map Locations

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