How To Make Smooth Sandstone – Guide (September 2022)

How To Make Smooth Sandstone - Guide (September 2022)

Smooth sandstone is a decorative block that may be crafted. Equip your Stone Shovel and seek sand near water in the fields to build smooth sandstone. Begin digging and collect at least 16 sands.

After obtaining the sand, proceed to the crafting table; it will take a few seconds to get there. Activate the 3*3 crafting grid. To begin creating, we will first combine four sandstones into a single sandstone. To manufacture four sandstones, use 16 sandstones on the crafting grid.


Take these four into consideration. We may now use them on the crafting table to make smooth sandstone. To acquire smooth sandstone, place them on the crafting grid. Remember to keep them in your inventory at all times. Smooth sandstone can be used as a decorative material.

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