Roblox King Legacy Best Devil Fruits Tier List (September 2022)

Roblox King Legacy Best Devil Fruits Tier List (September 2022)

King Legacy, known initially as King Piece, is a Roblox game in which you fight monsters, level up your character, and, most importantly, collect and use devil fruits.

What devil fruit your character utilizes decides which skills you can employ, which plays a significant role in your overall strength.

If you have any will to be one of the top players, you must first discover and use one of the best devil fruits in the game.

However, because there are so many devil fruits in the game, it might be tough to determine which ones to go after.

As a result, we’ve constructed this tier chart that rates all devil fruits in King Legacy depending on their strength.

Best devil fruits tier list

When you locate and use a devil fruit in King Legacy, you can access many new and powerful powers.

Each of the devil fruit’s abilities is unlocked at different stages.

Having one of the most fantastic devil fruits should be a top priority for you because it is one of the primary variables in how powerful your character is in the game.

It’s impossible to compete with the most significant players and take on formidable adversaries later in the game if you don’t have one of the best devil fruits in King Legacy.

Every fruit in the world of King Legacy is one of the three types:

  • Paramecia
  • Login
  • Zoan

The type of devil fruit impacts its powers and the public benefits your character obtains when utilizing it.

In short, Paramecia fruits generally grant your character any ability or boost, Logia fruits transform your character into an element, making it intangible, which results in making your character immune to regular attacks which are not reinforced with Haki. Zoan fruits are linked to a beast or creature, allowing your character to transform into a beast or a creature.

Each devil fruit is further divided into four types depending on its availability:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Legendary

Generally, the more the rarity of a demon, the better it is and the more difficult it is to get.

When you consume a devil fruit, you lose your ability to swim, forcing you to travel by boat or plane.

In King Legacy, you may purchase devil fruits on the black market via the gacha system or discover them in a random world spawn.

  • Not all fruits are always for sale on the black market. Mentioned below are the odds of different rolling types of fruit:
  • Common = 50% (7 different devil fruits)
  • Uncommon = 35% (6 different devil fruits)
  • Rare = 14% (13 different devil fruits)
  • Legendary = 0.5% (3 different devil fruits)

Here are the probabilities of different rarities of fruits appearing on the black market (approximately):

  • Common = 33.8% (7 different devil fruits)
  • Uncommon = 31.7% (6 different devil fruits)
  • Rare = 34.3% (13 different devil fruits)
  • Legendary = 0.2% (3 different devil fruits)

The following tier list ranks all devil fruits in King Legacy based on their power in the game.



Dough S+ Legendary Paramecia 4,275,000 + 10 Gems or 2,850 Robux


Dragon S+ Legendary Zoan 7,500,000 Beli + 10 Gems or 3,250 Robux


Magma S+ Rare Logia 1,462,500 Beli + 2 Gems or 975 Robux



Gravity S+ Rare Paramecia 2,100,000 Beli + 3 Gems or 1,400 Robux


Venom S+ Rare Paramecia 1,462,500 Beli + 2 Gems or 975 Robux


Spirit S Legendary Paramecia 6,000,000 Beli + 25 Gems or 3,000 Robux


Gum S Uncommon Paramecia 1,087,500 Beli or 725 Robux


Light S Rare Logia 1,800,000 Beli + 3 Gems or 1,200 Robux


Quake S Rare Paramecia 2,700,000 Beli + 3 Gems or 1,800 Robux


Snow S Rare Logia 2,025,000 Beli + 5 Gems or 1,350 Robux


Love S Uncommon Paramecia 1,237,500 Beli or 825 Robux


String S Rare Paramecia 1,800,000 Beli + 3 Gems or 1,200 Robux


Phoenix A Legendary Zoan 3,375,000 Beli + 10 Gems or 2,250 Robux


Dark A Rare Logia 1,462,500 Beli + 3 Gems or 975 Robux


Ice A Rare Logia 900,000 Beli or 600 Robux


Flame A Rare Logia 1,725,000 Beli + 3 Gems or 1,150 Robux


Gas A Rare Logia 1,875,000 Beli + 3 Gems or 1,250 Robux


Rumble A Rare Logia 1,687,500 Beli + 3 Gems or 1,125 Robux


Spike A Uncommon Paramecia 1,300,000 Beli + 5 Gems or 650 Robux


Mammoth A Rare Zoan 3,700,000 Beli + 7 Gems or 1,850 Robux


Spino A Rare Zoan 3,750,000 Beli + 5 Gems or 2,500 Robux


Op B Rare Paramecia 2,625,000 Beli + 5 Gems or 1,750 Robux


Allo B Rare Zoan 2,100,000 Beli + 3 Gems or 1,400 Robux


Brachio B Rare Zoan 2,250,000 Beli + 5 Gems or 1,500 Robux


Sand B Uncommon Logia 1,125,000 Beli or 750 Robux


Shadow B Uncommon Paramecia 1,500,000 Beli + 3 Gems or 1,000 Robux


Bomb B Common Paramecia 187,500 Beli or 125 Robux


Smoke B Uncommon Logia 2,400,000 Beli + 5 Gems or 1,200 Robux


Human C Common Zoan 637,500 Beli or 425 Robux


Paw C Common Paramecia 450,000 Beli or 300 Robux


Barrier D Uncommon Paramecia 1,012,500 Beli or 675 Robux


Buddha D Uncommon Zoan 1,462,500 Beli + 1 Gem or 975 Robux


Giraffe D Common Zoan 525,000 Beli or 350 Robux


Leopard D Common Zoan 525,000 Beli or 350 Robux


Spin D Common Paramecia 75,000 Beli or 75 Robux


Wolf D Common Zoan 525,000 Beli or 350 Robux



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