Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Download for Android & IOS
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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Download for Android & IOS

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Download for Android & IOS

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Download for Android & IOS

Game Overview

You can design warships and command fleets to win the naval arms race for your country.

Ultimate Admiral is a game that aims to revolutionize naval warfare. It offers the unique opportunity to create and build many different warships, as well as a very detailed combat model.

We are thrilled with the results of our work and hope that everyone interested in naval warfare and the dreadnought period will support us.


You can be the architect of powerful warships from small torpedo boats to large battleships.

You can recreate famous ships like the HMS Dreadnought, as well as countless other speculative designs.

You can choose from a variety of turret layouts, armor schemes, funnel placements, and tower variations to make each ship’s design unique.

Your warships’ performance will be affected by every design decision. Your warships’ hull characteristics, internal upgrades selection, and weight distribution will have an impact on their speed and maneuverability as well as their weapon effectiveness.

AI uses principles of the “Immunity Zone” to determine the best engage distance and compares its firepower with your ships.

These AI estimates allow it to choose the best ammunition type to use, whether holding fire or switching between shell types depending on the armor protection of its target.

The AI will not become a suicidal drone unless there is a specific mission directive. It will withdraw if your fleet is severely damaged or is weaker than yours.

AI is constantly being developed to mimic human behavior and to be able to adapt to unexpected situations. We plan to create AI personalities that are unique to each nation.

The Academy will test your ship design and tactical skills. The “Naval Academy” has more than 22+ battle scenarios.

You will need to design a ship, or squadron, to accomplish a specific combat tactical task.

The orders can range from fighting the overwhelming enemy to destroying the stationary ship with its broken engines.

While we develop the campaign, these missions will allow players to experience the combat and innovative design aspects of the game.

The campaign is still in development. The campaign will allow you to lead the admiralty for all the major countries during the time period.

Minor nations cannot be played. This page will be updated as soon as possible.

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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Download for Android & IOS



Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Download for Android & IOS
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