Kingdoms and Castles iOS/APK Download
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Kingdoms and Castles iOS/APK Download

Kingdoms and Castles iOS/APK Download

Kingdoms and Castles iOS/APK Download

Kingdoms & Castles Game Overview

You can expand your city using different types of equipment or defend it against hostiles.

This strategy game is about growing a kingdom, from a small hamlet to an enormous city and majestic castle.

Your kingdom must survive in a dangerous and living world. Are the Viking raiders making off with your villager? Are they stopped at the castle gates, full of arrows? Is it possible to stop a dragon from torching your granary and your people starving in winter? Your ability to plan cities and castles is the key to your kingdom’s success.

Layout your town strategically to increase the happiness of your peasants and attract new residents.

They should be taxed only enough to pay for your castle. Your peasants should be fed during winter and cured of all plagues.

To keep them from despair, build churches and taverns. If you have a town square, you can throw festivals! You can send out wood cutters to gather wood and set up stone quarries for your castes.

Viking invasion is possible in the new area you are settling down. These invaders will try to kill and kidnap your peasants and steal your resources.


They also want to burn down your town. You can build castles using blocks that are easily placed anywhere.

Based on the order in which you stack them, towers and walls can be created dynamically.

The range of archer towers and other weapon emplacements is greater the higher they are. You can try different layouts to protect your kingdom and show your glory as a queen or king.

Features of Castles and Kingdoms

  • Design and build your city
  • Design and fortify
  • Living World
  • Dynamic weather system

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Kingdoms and Castles iOS/APK Download



Kingdoms and Castles iOS/APK Download
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