Wolfenstein 3: All You Need to Know

Wolfenstein 3: All You Need to Know

Wolfenstein 3: All You Need to Know

Wolfenstein 3: All You Need to Know


There hasn’t been any news about the Wolfenstein rebooted trilogy in a long time. Pete Hines, Bethesda originally stated Wolfenstein 3 was happening. However, the game has not been released. You may be wondering if Wolfenstein III is still a possibility.

It’s not hard to believe that we will see B.J. Blazkowicz, or Jessica and Zofiaia Blazkowicz from The Youngblood. Other factors could also affect the release of Wolfenstein 3. Here’s a list of everything else you need to know about Wolfenstein 3 including its possible release date, the story and the platform.

When Is Wolfenstein 3 Coming Out?

As yet, there is no official date set for the release of Wolfenstein 3 . MachineGames is busy working on the new Indiana Jones video game. They’re likely to focus first on Indiana Jones, with all the updates and teasers surrounding it.

Bethesda may have been hesitant to continue with Wolfenstein 3 due to the negative reception received by Wolfenstein: Youngblood & Cyberpilot. These are still just speculations. Bethesda may develop Wolfenstein 3 with MachineGames in the future. But it will take time.

Wolfenstein 3: What could it be about?


We can only guess the plot of Wolfenstein 3. Wolfenstein 3 would most likely be based on the events in Wolfenstein: Youngblood if it were made. Wolfenstein 3 is the sequel to Youngblood, even though it’s a side story. Wolfenstein 3 continues where the last game left off. Our favorite characters are preparing to battle against the Fourth Reich after Juju and Lothar were killed.

MachineGames may decide to take a big risk and let us explore the Multiverse. In Youngblood, it was revealed that B.J. The God Key allowed B.J. Who knows? Who knows? In other words, B.J. These are just speculative ideas, and MachineGames or Bethesda may take another direction.

Wolfenstein 3 could be available on what platforms?

Wolfenstein 3 is likely to be only released for PC and Xbox. This is because Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media – the parent company of Bethesda. It’s likely that Bethesda titles, such as Wolfenstein 3 will be exclusive to Xbox.

Wolfenstein 3: Who could develop it?

MachineGames is currently developing Wolfenstein 3 at the moment. MachineGames is the company that handled the Wolfenstein reboot back in 2014. They have been managing the games of the Wolfenstein IP ever since. They’re also known for their Quake mission packs Dimension of the Past & Dimension of the Machine.

ZeniMax and Bethesda, however, could hand the baton to another developer, given the negative reaction to recent games. There are currently no official announcements regarding the changes in developers, and we will have to see how they proceed.

Wolfenstein 3: All You Need to Know
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