Starfield cancels pre-orders leaving worried fans

Starfield cancels pre-orders, leaving worried fans

Starfield cancels pre-orders, leaving worried fans

Starfield cancels pre-orders, leaving worried fans


Some Starfield fans are becoming nervous after the abrupt, unjustified cancellation of their Constellation Edition Pre-Orders.

Starfield by Bethesda, a deep-space adventure game, has been one of the most highly anticipated games this year. Many consider it a possible Game Of The Year contender, so long as there are no bugs or performance problems at launch.

Players are particularly interested in the game’s scale, as there are over 1,000 worlds that you can explore. You can even design your starship. The fans are overjoyed and they have begun to plan their playthroughs as well as to prepare for hundreds, if not thousands of hours in yet another Bethesda RPG.

Fans who had pre-ordered Starfield’sConstellation Edition, (basically, the Collector’s Edition), were surprised when, recently, they received a notification indicating that their orders had been cancelled.

Beltaine-7716 shared a cancellation on Reddit who said “I am more than a bit concerned about the update that I received” and tracking information which appears to indicate the order has been voided.


Others also reported receiving the odd order update.

The same and mine were ordered one hour after direct June 11th was underway. This is a mistake, and hopefully not a cancellation of mass proportions.

I’ve had the same thing happen to me…but it doesn’t mention cancellation…just a competitive price match?

I just got the same thing…It’s either an error, or there won’t be enough and they technically cancelled the order.

Xbox users have not reported any problems yet.

The strange “cancellations”, while odd, are more likely caused by a problem at the supplier end. This is not a sign that you will lose your pre-orders any time soon. The threat also reported that other commenters’ orders which did not include Starfield received similar tracking updates. This suggests it is a server issue and nothing else.

It’s hoped that this is all there will be because I know many Starfield fans are eager to purchase the Constellation edition at launch. With only a small number of copies available, cancellations can have a devastating effect on hard-core collectors.

Starfield cancels pre-orders, leaving worried fans
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