Starfield declares Pluto to be a new planet

Starfield declares Pluto to be a new planet

Starfield declares Pluto to be a new planet

Starfield declares Pluto to be a new planet


Jerry Smith said Pluto is a world.

Plutonians are smiling because Bethesda decided to ignore the ruling of the International Astronomy Union General Assembly and label Pluto as a world on the Starfield Map. The developers didn’t like the fact that Pluto had “not cleared the region around it of any other objects”. It’s understandable.

You may be wondering who made this discovery. Rebs Gaming shared a screenshot on Twitter. They were happy not only to see Pluto listed but also that it was explorable.

Pluto’s inclusion in the game will not have any major effects, regardless of Bethesda. Perhaps the Starfield universe knows more than we do. It doesn’t, or at least not as far as anyone knows. While some are currently reviewing the game, the information we uncover is under strict lock and key. This will remain so until the 31st August review embargo. You will only learn about what we have learned when the review embargo lifts on 31 August.

Starfield declares Pluto to be a new planet

While we’re keeping Bethesda’s secrets secret, the initial response to this game is incredibly positive. The hype around any AAA title can often overshadow its final outcome, leaving fans disappointed. Starfield, while still unknown, has excellent first impressions.

While the vast majority of the comments were positive, some rude remarks have been made regarding the game and its start screen. Mark Kern, former Blizzard developer, stated that “the start screen can tell a lot about the speed of development and pride in work.” Starfield’s Start Screen either shows rushed shipping deadlines from a passionate overworked team or one that doesn’t care.

It’s a lot to say two weeks before launching the game. Bethesda was not going to accept such slander. Bethesda vice president Peter Hines replied with a cutting reply: “Or they created what they wanted, and that’s our menu since years ago and one of the things we decided on. Having an idea is another thing. It’s unprofessional to question a developer about their ‘care,’ just because you’d have done things differently.

Are you curious to know if Kern will be upset again that Pluto is a planet? If they upset Hines once again, it will be great popcorn entertainment. Hines is not someone we would cross.

Starfield will be released on Xbox One and Xbox Series on September 6.

Starfield declares Pluto to be a new planet
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