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WARRIORS OROCHI 3 for Android & IOS Free Download

WARRIORS OROCHI 3 for Android & IOS Free Download

WARRIORS OROCHI 3 for Android & IOS Free Download

The ultimate “WARRIORS OROCHI 3” is available now on Steam! Set in a different universe that was created by the amorphously emerging Serpent King Orochi and the “WARRIORS OROCHI” series comprises of tactical actions in which characters of both series “DYNASTY WARRIORS” series and “SAMURAI WARRIORS” series join in the fun.
Additionally, it contains a variety of elements, including “Duel Mode” that combines aspects of versus battles with card games, the brand-new “Gauntlet Mode” that allows gamers to play in a party as well as a variety of DLC features which were previously released for different platforms!
Experience the ultimate “WARRIORS OROCHI 3” on Steam!
#An all-encompassing 140 characters! An incredibly large volume of information
Apart from the heros from “DYNASTY WARRIORS” and “SAMURAI WARRIORS”, “Kyubi” and “Tamamo” characters created by Akihiro Yamada and many more The 145 original heroes should be seen!
A cast of characters from diverse titles take part in thrilling combats. Some of them include Kasumi from “DEAD or ALIVE 5”, Sterkenburg Cranach from the “Atelier of Arland” series and Sophitia of”SOULCALIBUR” series “SOULCALIBUR” the series.
Sub-scenarios and new episodes deepen the plot!
The story is a “Sequel Story” to the primary tale “The Slaying of the Hydra” is included. Additionally, the mystery behind the world of parallels is explored through the form of a “Prequel Story” which reveals the mystery of the origins of Orochi’s existence. The sub-scenarios, such as the scenarios of battles, and battles which unfold from various viewpoints enrich the story making players able to appreciate the epic drama that is the setting in “WARRIORS OROCHI 3” further.
Have fun with battles in the party using game modes, such as “Gauntlet Mode”
“Gauntlet Mode” was added that allows players to create groups of 5 players to engage in exciting combats. Additional game modes include 3 on 3 “Duel Mode” that combines fighting with battle cards and “Musou Battlefields” to give players the freedom to play with.
#Future-proofed actions to ensure maximum excitement!
The three-person team fights are further developed. The Combo maneuvers have been improved and include “Triple Rush” A series of attacks that are three pronged, “Changing Battle Styles” which is an attack in which three characters play an entire attack, and “True Musou Burst” is the most powerful attack which up to six players are able to perform. The existing actions have been modified so that players can enjoy the most thrilling game experience.
There are a lot of DLC products which have been made available on other platforms!
Outfits, situations including weapons, outfits, and scenarios which have been made available for different platforms, over 500 different items are in the game. (Some previously made available items aren’t included.)
To learn more about the information that is included, refer to “Included Content”.
Note: In this version online play with co-operatives or online against play and a few online features of “Musou Battlefields” do not work.


Technical Specifications of This Release.

  • Game Version : v1.0.0.1
  • Interface Language: English
  • Audio Language : English
  • Game File Name : WARRIORS_OROCHI_3_Ultimate_DE.zip
  • Game Download Size : 21 GB
  • MD5SUM : 7bc61ca19f7b76ee1c354c8307717936





WARRIORS OROCHI 3 for Android & IOS Free Download
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