Untitled Goose Game



Untitled Goose Game harassing people and is a encounter about being a goose.

Your target is to progress through different regions of a city by completing goals, which nudge you.

You achieve this with just what nature gave youyour beak to honk and pick things up, along with your tails to capture attention.


Untitled Goose Game unites puzzle elements and stealth.

As a goose, you want to see paths and people’s patterns, searching for items like decks and tables to hide beneath.

After the credits roll, you get new objectives in the regions for replayability; a few hijinks have timed requirements for extra pressure.


Untitled Goose Game finishes at the way that was charming, and is a superb idea it began.

Pranking individuals is doing this as a goose merely adds to the delight, and enjoyable.

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