Wattam Launches December 17

Publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Funomena have announced the launch date for Wattam.

The Keita Takahashi-developed sandbox match is available for Windows PC (through the Epic Games Store) and PlayStation 4 on December 17th.

Here’s a rundown about the match:

In the founder behind Noby Noby Boy and Katamari Damacy includes Wattam. Long ago, a huge explosion blasted the Area of Wattam across The galaxy. Assist the Mayor build chains and stacks with personalities like Sushi, Flower, Cloud, and Poop to make joyful, vibrant explosions that will guide the diaspora of Wattam straight home.

Key Characteristics:

Make New Friends — The Mayor invites one to explore the vibrant world of Wattam and Bond together with over 100 characters that are exceptional and carefree. The connections you A treasure chest of possibilities opens –playing, switching, Stacking, climbing, chasing, drifting, bursting, and / or dance all From the name of fun.

Experience Joyful Explosions — The Mayor loves creating vibrant explosions. The more joyful the burst, the characters will come and play.

Have Endless Adventures — Discover what’s possible Once You abandon all preconceived notions About what it means to play games. Learn about the various origins Of all Wattam’s citizens, then work together with them to fix Weird puzzles, celebrate exceptional occasions and research your creativity to its fullest.

Explore Awesome Music — Every character in Wattam has their own special melody. Characters may also string together to produce whimsical mashups.

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