Valve Releases New Survey Suggesting Chinese Now Most Popular Language For Steam

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Valve has launched their most recent hardware and applications survey for Steam users, showing Chinese has been the most popular language on the huge platform.

Valve releases, Each month They pull from users, which currently total over 90 million users each month. Simplified Chinese currently stinks 37.87 percentage of Steam consumers, a rise of 14.43 percent in the last month.

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It had been established years has averaged 30 to 40 percentage of users. The poll notes English users fell 6.40 percent to 30.43 percentage of users. Below you have Russian at 9.36 percentage, and Spanish in 3.59 percent.

Much like any of these polls or surveys, this Isn’t a definitive Response that Chinese is the dominant language on Steam. Past Applications and Hardware studies are called into Question, and Valve have had to upgrade their survey methodology to Fix.

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