Wargroove Double Trouble Free DLC Launches February 6th

Chucklefish have announced the Launch date for Wargroove DLC, Wargroove: Double Trouble.

Dual Trouble is a free DLC package that provides a fresh co-op Campaign centered on the Outlaw faction. Additionally, it presents three Commanders, two brand new components Arcade assignments in addition to private and public multiplayer lobbies. Additionally upgrades to the Editor programs incorporate much more, and a volcano map motif.

Team up and direct the Outlaw faction to tactical victory, with fresh offender Commanders in Wargroove: Double Trouble!

Wargroove Trouble provides a brand-new co-op allowed campaign Narrative which presents Outlaw Commanders; troublemaker twins Errol the Wulfar and Orla, in addition to the maleficent Vesper.

Following an kidnapping your, and a few ransom needs Group of rogues don’t have any choice except to execute Cherrystone’s Celandine Vault wealth from Heavensong’s Imperial Palace, Stone Mountain Fort of Felheim, the heist which Aurania has ever observed along with also the Floran’s Iron Roots reservations. But do you’ve got the chops to get the task done?

It will not be easy, but you’ll have two units in your Command — Riflemen and Thieves! Take advantage of those new Recruits, sending your Thief and attentively Positioning your Rifleman.

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