Google Stadia Has More Than Ten Exclusive Games Planned For The Next Six Months


There is no word yet about what those exclusives might be, though it’s likely that Typhoon Studios, the developer of Journey into the Savage Earth, is working on some thing after being purchased by Stadia.

Tequila Works CEO Raul Rubio has sung the praises of growing for Stadia, therefore it is possible that other studios are courted for exclusives.

We are working together with our partners to discuss about these games soon,” the release persists.


Considering our forthcoming lineup, we’re monitoring over 120 games coming to Stadia at 2020,” a press release reads,”and therefore are targeting over ten matches in the first half of the year that is going to be only accessible on Stadia whenever they start ” Google Stadia has one match Tequila Works’ Gylt, which started with the machine.


That’s set to change over the first half of 2020, together with Google intending on several exclusives for the machine.

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