TemTem Release Time Confirmed For January 21 Launch Date On Steam


A message in the TemTem service team verifies:”Rapid PSA.

There is no need to jump in the game straight away, it is Early Access for a motive.

There is a opportunity for a few host turbulence When there’s a surge of gamers hoping to get the sport.

The game will unlock January 21, 2020, into accessibility Tuesday

The launch time was verified as 10am PT in the USA.

TemTem could become the upcoming early accessibility hit to emerge Steam, with its launch .


The development group has been active working on server strain tests. Commenting after enjoying with the Alpha version, one TemTem backer writes:”The sport is strong. It is enjoyable, well optimized, as well as very polished.

I understand what it is like to be a student, although in my view, it is worth 35 bucks. “That said, I will guarantee there’ll be upgrades, including more islands, TemTem, dojos, and attributes.


For the ones who don’t know a lot it is a MMO experience based on theories . Players will have the ability to explore the world you will also utilize to combat others.

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