Dreams 2.16 Update (VR Update) Patch Notes

Dreams 2.16 Update (VR Update) Patch Notes

Dreams 2.16 Update (VR Update) Patch Notes

At long last, the yells 2.16 upgrade patch notes are all here. We know precisely how the much-anticipated VR upgrade functions and what it brings into the sport. Skip to the end of the guide to go the comprehensive collection of all Dreams 2.16 upgrade patch notes. Stick with us a while longer, however, to go a range of this Dreams VR upgrade highlights to get a fast fix of all that’s been added, altered, and repaired in the sport.

Dreams 2.16 Update Highlights

Despite including a VR production suite and VR-friendly matches and adventures to Dreams, the 2.16 upgrade is just 741 MB on PS4. After the upgrade, you may produce your own VR masterpiece and then perform with with those. It is time to acquire that PlayStation VR headset outside again and enter worlds of your (and many others’) fantasies. A few developments are made in various places for example Imp improvements.

A fresh VR toolset and production suite was inserted to Dreams as a result of this 2.16 upgrade. Including”Inside the Box.” Within the Box is a showcase for many things Dreams at VR. You’ll discover Media Molecule designed expertise and matches to, err, in VR expertise. Including Box Blaster Box Maze, also Box Escape.

You will find lots of useful guides to give you a hand with the attributes. This includes four brand new”How To” videos to the VR layout tools.

Together with the Dreams VR addition and fresh content, you will discover different improvements and a few fixes, too. The Grab Sensor, by way of instance, was updated to bring the Position Grab Point. You must have the ability to pinpoint where you grab a product. Go the whole update patch notes for enhancements, repairs, and of the additions.

Dreams 2.16 Update Patch Notes (VR Update)

Check out the full list of all Dreams 2.16 upgrade patch notes (VR upgrade ) under:

Inside The Box — A showcase for Dreams VR, together with inspirations and illustrations like games, to community creations, kits and much more. Be aware that although this content could be performed with some of our control procedures, the control with movement detector function is best. May also be played with no VR headset.

  • Box Maze – Use the power of grabbing to help the cube bots find their way through the maze.
  • Box Blaster – Put your sharp-shooting and speed-running skills to the test in this futuristic blaster.
  • Box Escape – Jump, dive and resize your way outside the box.
  • All Aboard VR – An introduction to VR in Dreams, highlighting the different settings and controls used to play in VR.
  • VR How Tos – Four new How To videos, featuring tips for creating VR experiences and exploring the new gadgets you’ll find in Edit Mode.
    • 10 Top Tips: Creating VR Dreams – 10 great best-practices tips to think about when designing VR experiences in Dreams.
    • How To… Use the Head/Camera Tracker – Learn how to use the new Head/Camera Tracker, a brand new gadget which, in combination with the Look Cursor Sensor, allows you to track a player’s head movements to get even more out of your logic.
    • How To… Use the Hand/Imp Tracker – Learn how to use the new Hand/Imp Tracker, which lets you keep track of the location of your player’s imp, what it’s pointing at and what it grabs. You can even replace the imp with something else!
    • How To… Create 3D Audio in VR – Learn how to use 3D sound within VR, to make your games feel even more immersive, when playing with headphones plugged into the VR headset.
  • Head/Camera Tracker – A gadget that makes it easy to track, and attach objects to, the game camera.
  • Hand/Imp Tracker – A gadget that makes it easy to track, and attach objects to, the imp.
  • Look Cursor Sensor – A sensor gadget that detects where a player is looking, with associated tweaks on supporting gadgets.
  • Dreamiverse Screen Size – Control how large Dreamiverse screens appear when in VR.
  • Allow Low Frame Rate in VR – Control what happens when frame rate drops below our performance standards.
  • VR Filtering Options – Specify whether you want to see VR content in the Dreamiverse.
  • Flip Menu Buttons – If using the left-handed setting and swapping often between motion controllers and wireless controller, turning this on keeps the ordering of buttons in the create menus consistent.
  • Comfort Mode – For VR users. When enabled, camera motion is reduced or removed.
  • VR Experience Ratings – Allows players to rate the level of VR experience for which they feel creations are suitable. This rating will appear on a creation’s thumbnail in search.
    • 1 – For those new to VR
    • 2 – For those with some experience of VR
    • 3 – For those experienced in VR
  • VR Compatibility Labels – Allows creators to specify the suitability of creations for VR.
    • Non-VR: Only enterable in non-VR; not visible to VR players with default filters.
    • Not Sure: Enterable in non-VR or VR, but will issue a warning for VR players upon entry; not visible to VR players with default filters.
    • VR Compatible: Enterable in VR or non-VR.
    • VR Only: Only enterable in VR; not visible to non-VR players with default filters.
  • Imp Beam – Allows player to interact with objects from a distance in VR.
  • Reel – Once you’ve grabbed onto something with your imp beam, you can use Reel to easily move it toward or away from you.
  • Camera Change – VR only: Right stick moves the camera up and down, rather than rotating it. Useful for VR players to preserve the horizon line for orientation.


  • Grab Sensor – New tweak for existing gadget: Set Grab Point. Used along with Follow Grabbed Item on the Hand/Imp Tracker, this means you can specify exactly where an item is grabbed.
  • Imps – No longer transparent when cover pages are used as background.
  • Paintings – New tweak for paintings: Stretch. Stretches flecks in the direction they are pointing.
  • Ambisonic Panning – New tweak for channel gadgets: Audio will sound like it’s above/below and in front/behind the player (headphones must be plugged into VR headset).
  • Blank Puppets – New tweak for puppets: Camera follows the puppet when sliding down a surface.
  • Updates to Zip – Zip allows users to zoom in to objects in edit mode. In VR it can be used multiple times on the same object to get progressively closer to it. It can also be used on open space to teleport forwards by a fixed amount.
  • Directional Button Controls – These controls are disabled when in VR.
  • Menu (Wireless Controller) – In VR, instead of the menu opening at the top of the screen, it opens in front of the player. It can be dragged up and down to a position where they find it most comfortable. Some elements of the UI, such as the contextual buttons on the right hand side, or the mode icon/thermometer on the left, are now docked onto panels to the left/right of the player, which can also be dragged in/out.
  • Various other additions, fixes and improvements to support VR in Dreams.
Dreams 2.16 Update (VR Update) Patch Notes
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