Game No Longer PlayStation 5 Exclusive Upcoming Horror

Game No Longer PlayStation 5 Exclusive Upcoming Horror

Game No Longer PlayStation 5 Exclusive Upcoming Horror

Game No Longer PlayStation 5 Exclusive Upcoming Horror

Among the first games shown for Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation 5 name was the science-fiction terror game Quantum Error. Initially set for a PlayStation exclusive, programmers TeamKill Media has confirmed the game is coming to Xbox collection S and X once it starts in 2021.

Quantum Error turned heads when it was first demonstrated, with lots of contrasting it to other classic sci-fi terror games such as Dead Space. Since its first preview, maybe not a lot was shown about Quantum Error, past some brief glimpses of gameplay; also, it is currently expanding to next-generation Xbox platforms. The developers explained that the choice was made after becoming”numerous requests” to get Xbox versions after occasions such as Gamescom and the Future Games Show. “This statement and proceed would be to allow additional players to encounter Quantum Error,” the developers said on Twitter. No PC version was formally declared thus far.

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Even though this is a consumer-friendly choice, it’s drummed up some controversy regardless. Some disgruntled PlayStation lovers on Twitter have stated they are not purchasing the game today that it is also coming into Xbox. “Sorry, you’ve lost a purchase for not being apparent from the very first instant,” one user said. Other PlayStation lovers, meanwhile, appear to approve of their decision and therefore are happy that the match will reach a broader audience.

Some PS5 terror fans might be upset since this is not the first time a terror game has abandoned its PS5 exclusivity plans. Martha is Dead dropped its PlayStation 5 launch plans altogether and is currently coming to Xbox collection X as a console exclusive. It is possible that a few people that are bothered by TeamKill Media’s choice wouldn’t have responded quite as strongly had the Martha is Dead scenario not occurred.

But that does not indicate that the PS5 will not have significant exclusive terror games. Among the most common theories about forthcoming PS5 games is that Konami and Sony have a Silent Hill PS5 only sport in active growth. This project has not yet been declared, but it’s been discharged by recognized business insiders, who seem to concur that the match’s announcement will occur at the end of the year.

And even when the Silent Hill PS5 exclusive sport never materializes, it is not like Sony’s next-gen console will probably be damaging for horror games. Quantum Error is coming to PS5, alongside other major Breeze terror movies, together with Capcom’s Resident Evil 8 arguably being the most prominent of the group.

Game No Longer PlayStation 5 Exclusive Upcoming Horror
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