Group Blackpink’s Latest Single PUBG Mobile Premieres K-Pop

Group Blackpink's Latest Single PUBG Mobile Premieres K-Pop

Group Blackpink’s Latest Single PUBG Mobile Premieres K-Pop

K-pop powerhouse, Blackpink, as well as the favorite battle royale shot, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, might look like odd bedfellows, but both have teamed up to get an exceptional crossover. Fans of this Korean idol band will want to check out the mobile version of PUBG to get a special sneak peek of music.

While its prevalence was rapidly eclipsed by the volatile phenomenon that’s Fortnite, PUBG claws the components which make for a leading battle royale shooter, pitting hordes of gamers from each other in gigantic, last-man status deathmatches. In the other end of the entertainment spectrum, YG Entertainment’s girl team, Blackpink, is the top-charting female K-pop set on Billboard’s Hot 100, attaining new heights with their 2020 only”Ice Cream.”

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This unlikely duo has paired with PUBG Mobile as a stage to record tracks from Blackpink’s coming record in your region. Players are now able to sample tunes from the paper from PUBG Mobile’s lobbies that boast a particular, Blackpink visual motif. Beginning in early October, there’ll also be specially themed decorations and items up for grabs. The marketing is slated to continue until early November, also comes hot on the heels of the launch of PUBG’s fresh Arena Mode, highlighting squad-based combat.

PUBG’s mostly male center demographic doesn’t look like it’d share an extensive overlap with Korea’s premiere, K-pop woman group, and responses from supporters of both teams have mostly ranged from perplexed to entertained on Twitter. The distinctive cross-promotional move appears to be after a webpage from Fortnite’s playbook. The rival battle royale name has hosted many in-game musical performances, such as a movie in K-pop supergroup, BTS.

In most respects, the alliance’s possible gains outweigh its dangers. The worldwide web loves disparate mash-ups of adorable and brutal, as exhibited by the surplus of Animal Crossing andDOOM crossover memes that went viral summer. It’s also a promotion that stands to Boost Blackpink’s vulnerability to a group that could be unfamiliar with their songs, just before the album launch and forthcoming Netflix documentary.

To get PUBG’s role, the advertising may funnel enthusiastic K-pop lovers to have a look at a match they’d ordinarily miss, and helps encourage the recently published stadium mode. It might also help the match garner some favorable global press following the Indian authorities prohibited PUBG Mobile from apparatus in that nation, leading PUBG Corporation to pull from its venture with the Chinese technology conglomerate, Tencent.

Even if the advertising flops, the drawbacks are comparatively minor for the ring and the match. Despite this pragmatism, an individual can’t help but wonder if the two parties might have seen more dance partners with much clearer mutual appeal.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available for PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One, and cellular devices. The Blackpink crossover is presently running and finishes on November 2nd.

Group Blackpink’s Latest Single PUBG Mobile Premieres K-Pop
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