The Last of Us is Getting A Board Video Game

The Last of Us is Getting A Board Video Game

The Last of Us is Getting A Board Video Game

Just ahead of The Last of Us Day celebrations, Naughty Dog has revealed it will be teaming up with popular tabletop and mini game developer CMON to make an analog variation of their dramatic survival-horror franchise.

The first installment of The Last of Us introduced for the PS3 in 2013 to near-universal critical acclaim, and its own long-awaited follow-up The Last Us 2 released for the PS4 earlier this season. Now, the franchise is poised to eventually become a transmedia juggernaut thanks to a coming television adaptation being developed by HBO, and also the tabletop game being developed by CMON.

CMON hasn’t revealed a launch window or some other details regarding the game’s mechanics, but the statement suggests the series is going to be handled with respect and care. The most encouraging part of CMON’s statement is its guarantee that the game will concentrate on The Last of Us’s emotionally-charged storytelling as much as its survival mechanics. Craig Mazin, the HBO series producer, has vowed to expand The Last of Us experience with a few “jaw-dropping” narrative beats omitted from the first sport , so hopefully the tabletop developers will do the same.

If previous experiences are any indication, The Last of Us Board Game is in great hands. CMON has translated other Sony properties for tabletop play, such as a board game adaptation of Bloodbornealong with the God of War card game. The company has also developed independent titles such as Blood Rage.

Even with proficient board game designers helming the job, CMON has its job cut out for it. Matching the cinematic prowess of The Last of Us video games with cardboard and plastic might not be an easy effort, but tabletop gaming presents exceptional opportunities compared to television and consoles. Injecting roleplaying elements into the sport could add an excess degree of immersion and private investment in the experience.

The board game statement is just one of many shows coming from The Last of Us Day, the newly retitled Outbreak Day that was altered because of consideration for its Coronavirus Pandemic. Though The Last of Us initially released in June, the developer chose September 26 to celebrate the show for a nod to the in-game date when the Cordyceps Brain Infection started to ravage its own world.

This year’s The Last of Us Day statements and content include the launch of a free PS4 Theme, a limited-edition vinyl launch of the game’s soundtrack, brand new characters of Ellie and Joel, and the beginning of a photo style contest for The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us is Getting A Board Video Game
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