Doom Eternal Removes VTuber Easter Egg After Players Find It

Doom Eternal Removes VTuber Easter Egg After Players Find It

Doom Eternal Removes VTuber Easter Egg After Players Find It

Doom Eternal Removes VTuber Easter Egg After Players Find It

The programmers at id Software love placing Easter eggs in their games. Back in Doom Eternal independently, there is a bookshelf with references to Fallout, Quake, Half-Life, Duke Nukem, so many more. The saturation of references in Doom Games makes it even more surprising that identification confirmed in its most recent patch it had eliminated you. Plus it was a popular Easter egg, in that.

The Easter egg question is a nod to Western YouTuber Inugami Korone. The Hololive October played Doom In 2016 and her lovers made the meme”DOOG” to observe it. Korone’s electronic avatar is a puppy, after all. To celebrate her playthrough, and possibly identification’s love of tubers generally, the studio included a”DOOG ETERNAL” Easter egg at Doom Eternal. Players just had to trigger the chainsaw four occasions in Doom Eternal’s rune choice screen along with a Doog Eternal emblem would be revealed.

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What is peculiar is not The accession of this Doog Eternal Easter egg, however. It is that identification has made a decision to eliminate the Easter egg. In identification’s 3.1 patches notes published on October 23, identification declared that”that the DOOG easter egg was taken away, but will live in infamy.” Identification goes to describe that it had been surprised how fast the Doom community managed to locate the Easter egg. The implication was that it had been the discovery of this DOOG Easter egg that resulted in identification eliminating it.

With No justification for The Easter egg removal, fans are left speculating. Evidently, there’s no anticipation that identification removes an Easter egg after discovered. That is unprecedented. So lovers believe there has to be a reason for its elimination. The most common opinion is that there is or maybe a legal problem that arises because of the Easter egg. This looks silly, but might not be entirely unfounded. Doug is, after all, a generation of Korone’s lovers. While there is no touch or anything, it would be clear for identification or Bethesda to stress.

Another possibility is the Doog Eternal Easter egg has been slipped into Doom Eternal without going through appropriate confirmation. Maybe the discovery of this Doog Easter egg has been a surprise to an inside identification and Bethesda too, so it is being eliminated as an outcome.

Irrespective of the motives for its elimination, it is still something special that may be shared by lovers of Hololive and Doom. The Easter egg does not need to stay in the sport to become celebrated. And it is not like anything really disappears online nowadays.


Doom Eternal Removes VTuber Easter Egg After Players Find It
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