Gamer's Dad Has Beat Red Dead Redemption 2 Over 30 Times

Gamer’s Dad Has Beat Red Dead Redemption 2 Over 30 Times

Gamer's Dad Has Beat Red Dead Redemption 2 Over 30 Times

Gamer’s Dad Has Beat Red Dead Redemption 2 Over 30 Times

In 2018, Rockstar Games launched Red Dead Redemption two to widespread critical acclaim, together with all the open world western getting among those highest-rated games of its own whole creation. Red Dead Redemption Two ‘s Critical success translated into enormous sales, together with the sport breaking records and fast turning into one of the best selling matches . Thinking about the sheer number of duplicates Red Dead Redemption two sold, it is not surprising that the game has been played with nontraditional gamers. But, one particular nontraditional gamer has taken their love of Red Dead Redemption two into the extreme.

Reddit consumer ApeWatcher posted a picture of the 65 Year-old daddy, asserting he plays with the Red Dead Redemption Two single-player effort For hours every day, and has really managed to finish the narrative more than 30 times. ApeWatcher explained that they have tried to get their daddy to play different games, but apparently he is only interested in enjoying Red Dead Redemption two , and even enjoys the sport so much he has some RDR2 merch.

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Considering how many occasions ApeWatcher’s daddy has finished Red Dead Redemption two , an individual would feel he could have 100 percent completion. But, ApeWatcher asserts that his father was not able to acquire 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption two because of frustration with a few of the match’s gaming challenges.

An individual would also believe ApeWatcher’s daddy might want to try out the Red Dead Online multiplayer style , but apparently he is only worried about playing with Red Dead Redemption two ‘s narrative. Whereas Red Dead Redemption Two ‘s Story style earned near-universal acclaim from critics, the exact same can not be stated for its multiplayer mode. Though it has its fans, it’s also been criticized for many different reasons, such as a scarcity of fresh content compared to GTA Online, in addition to having some competitive microtransactions.

From the remarks, the conversation turned into Rockstar possibly doing a Red Dead Redemption remaster so ApeWatcher’s daddy can see exactly what happens next in the story. The first Red Dead Redemption is Playable on Xbox One because of this backward compatibility app, but it is unavailable on PS4 with no PlayStation Now subscription. ApeWatcher’s daddy owns a PlayStation 4, but PlayStation Now might not always be perfect, based on their Web situation. Regrettably, Rockstar hasn’t made any sign that it intends on performing a Red Dead Redemption movie or even remaster, therefore ApeWatcher’s daddy may not for to find out what happens next for quite a while.

The overall consensus is that Rockstar’s next match is Grand Theft Automobile , but possibly if ApeWatcher’s daddy and RDR lovers are blessed, Rockstar could launch a Red Dead Redemption remaster to fill the gap in the meantime.

Gamer’s Dad Has Beat Red Dead Redemption 2 Over 30 Times
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