An Evil Existence Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Free Download

An Evil Existence Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Free Download

An Evil Existence Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Free Download

An Evil Existence Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Free Download

From the distant English city of Boatnug that the Hartley family expects anyone who wants to step foot on their own property. Occupied with a murderous household with a very dim past.
When Unsolved mysteries social websites page founders Lisa and her Boyfriend James opt to see the Hartley home to catch footage for their societal websites page. They regret going there.
Over the first five minutes of game play you’ll be trapped to an darkness that is interactive, a dreadful exploration of realistic and pure survival horror.
The only means to live and remain alive is to shield yourself from every member of their household who participate in battle through the game out.
You’re not secure.
Can you dare to See the Hartley Household.
Puzzle solving:
The sport includes a jigsaw where you have to discover a lost bits to start a box which shows a secret,
Working out mix to safety locks.
Finding keys to unlock doors, locks, stairs, secure,drawers and a van, locating levers around the older school to start specific gates are essential to progress farther in the sport. Locating away to smoke bees to utilize the honey to wellness and proceed from the sport. From the previous garages amount you have to attempt to locate all electrical switches to be able to turn to the electricity.
Some things are essential to be utilized to boost their usefulness to advance farther in the sport.
Finding firearms to shield yourself by the family members that assault you.
Travelling to a spooky old run down English home and then getting trapped in there together with all the odd Hartley family and being imprisoned in an old abandoned school and making your way to escape and end up trapped in a grave and penalizing fires lit to kill you. Making your way through the a old abandoned cemetery then on to your abandoned garages and mill while trying to live in the murderesses Hartley family provides a feeling of horror adventure for your participant.
You have to Survive against relatives whenever you’re assaulted, and killing them will provide you success to progress farther in the sport and escape alive. Some times you will need to stay in stealth rather than be observed from the enemy when you’ve got no weapons to guard yourself. Picking up weapons that will assist you guard yourself can help fight against the strikes. Looking after your health rather than permitting it to reach low by choosing up medical kits during the sport. Also try not being burnt alive in a fire started by one of those household members to attempt to kill you.


Technical Specifications of This Release.

  • Game Version: Initial Release
  • Interface Language: English
  • Audio Language: English
  • Game File Name:
  • Game Download Size: 12 GB
  • MD5SUM : b28b83777193f2fc4045edd94405efb7



An Evil Existence Android/iOS Mobile Version Full Free Download
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