Armed to the Gears iOS Latest Version Free Download
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Armed to the Gears iOS Latest Version Free Download

Armed to the Gears iOS Latest Version Free Download

Armed to the Gears iOS Latest Version Free Download

Equipped into the Gears combines real life approach and land domination into a top shot with mechs, cyborgs and total destruction.
At a dystopian future in which a totalitarian regime, under the flag of this Ministry, dominates the entire planet and enslaves countless, an underground resistance struggles for liberty.
You’re considered their skilled engineer, who is ready to hack in the Ministry’s Infantry Class robots and restrain their firearms, turning those war machines from their manufacturers.
Your Mission:
Catch every Reactor by attaining closeness;
Safe the reactor’s perimeter to Prevent enemy takeover;
Suppress the enemy’s existence in the region.
Equipped into this Gears is a full-featured action-strategy sport:
. Two game modes: Campaign (catch and shield tactical points) and Base Defense (Tower-defense design ).
. Perform the eight and tutorial effort places with increasing difficulty and sophistication. Learn More about the Training areas, Lower Downtown, Desert Base and Ammo Factory, City Center and much more. Navigate your warfare robot round the maps to destroy enemies and catch reactors.
. Six defensive maps in which the assignment would be to defend the middle of this map out of incoming waves of enemies from several lanes.
. Captured reactors and generators will provide Energy points, used to teleport turrets, telephone air service to the battlefield and fix your robot, allowing a temporary protection to get a foundation or offensive weapons to decimate the enemy’s stronghold.
. Customize your mech using various armors, fairings and colours, jet thrusters, main weapons and secondary launchers.
. 12 installation options — 6 turret forms, assault drones, landmines, barricades, repair channel, carpet bombing and neutrium ballistic missile. Update turrets, factories, distilleries and generators to make the most of the defensive capability of your foundations.
. Multiple weapon types, such as machine guns, lasers, ion and plasma cannons, grenades and missile launchers.
. Conquer the enemy’s army of cyborgs and mutants, war drones, robotic infantry units and harmful giant mechs.
. Credits collected in conflict can afterwards be utilized to fix structures or at the primary foundation’s Workshop to purchase components, ammo and gas to your robot.
. 15 Achievements, obtained when a mission is finished.
. Leaderboards to compete internationally or with friends for the maximum enemy neutralization count.
. Entire Main Menu where you could configure controllers, game-play, get into the workshop, internet links, configurations and save exit.


Technical Specifications of This Release.

  • Game Version : Initial Release
  • Interface Language: English
  • Audio Language : English
  • Game File Name :
  • Game Download Size : 753 MB
  • MD5SUM : f75fcd2430da21ad8a9f871f1ae476ce




Armed to the Gears iOS Latest Version Free Download
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